'Pretty Little Liars' Time Jump Preview Reveals More Than "Mrs. Rollins" If You Pay Attention

After the whirlwind of reveals that made up the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 summer finale, fans were treated to an additional scene to get us even more excited for the series' return. At the very end of the episode, Pretty Little Liars previewed the Season 6B time jump with a brief scene set in a Rosewood High classroom. The clip itself is less than a minute long — and LBR, it focuses mainly on the five girls' new hair, beauty, and fashion games — but there are still a lot of clues to be mined from its glimpse into the future. With that in mind, let's get out our deerstalker hats and magnifying glasses and set to breaking the thing down into minutiae.

The tantalizingly brief sneak peek starts with the camera creeping its way into Ali's classroom, just slowly enough to get you suspicious. But as soon as we see Ali, everything seems fine. She's just casually writing her (new) name, "Mrs. Rollins," across the board in looping cursive. It's here that we get our first nuggets of new info: 1) She's a teacher, likely at Rosewood High, and 2) She's married. Since the finale aired, fans have already started speculating on the identity of Ali's new beau. It's not her last flame, Lorenzo, as his surname is Calderon. Some were sharp enough to notice that we've already seen the name Dr. Rollins mentioned at — where else? — Radley, and to remember that E! reported that PLL would "be introducing a new psychologist, the handsome Dr. Rollins." That can't be a coincidence.

We'd barely had time to digest the idea that Ali is married (!!!), when the four Liars made their dramatic entrance. It's Aria who pops in first, with the revelation, "He's coming for you." Emily and Hanna up the drama ante, as Emily tells her, "We have to go," and Hanna says, "Now, Alison."

Basically, things aren't looking good, and we've gotten our first taste of the new mystery that I. Marlene King promises will span the duration of the series' final seasons. She even told Entertainment Weekly that the "he" mentioned here by the Liars "is our mystery moving forward," and she went on to refer to him as the new "Big Bad."

It's here that we also get the mini-revelation that Ali's not the only one who's snagged some bling for her ring finger — astute fans were quick to notice an engagement ring on Hanna's hand. Since we know there's a wedding coming up in Season 6, it led to some speculation that she'd be the one tying the knot (with Caleb, God willing). Sadly, King was as spoiler-stingy as ever, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm not going to tell you whose it is, but somebody does get married in season six — but it's not necessarily Hanna."

At this point, Emily reasserts the sense of urgency by telling Ali, "We came back here for you, Ali. So move it." Here's another little clue, which King confirmed to Entertainment Weekly: The Liars have all been away the past years, and it's "him" and Ali who have brought them back together. As she put it, "they have to [temporarily] leave their jobs, their mates, their homes, and come back and deal with this."

Finally, Spencer wraps up all the ominous dialogue with the most suspenseful line of all: "It's too late. He's already here." With that, we get one last look at each Liars' visages as PLL's trademark suspenseful music crescendos, the camera finally lingering on a fearful Ali before cutting to black. What does it all mean? Where will we be when the show picks up in the fall? And, most importantly of all, who is "he"?

He might be the mystery man who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, he might be Uber A, he might be Beach Hottie, or he might be some new entity we've never even heard of before. But one thing's for sure: If he's the new Pretty Little Liars Big Bad, he's trouble.

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