McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Twitter Announcements Are Making The Day Even Better Than It Already Was

So maybe you've heard that McDonald's all-day breakfast is no longer a fantasy and is really, actually happening, starting on Oct. 6 I don't know if you've heard that or not... but if you haven't, you have now. And you guys? I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed by it — and McDonalds' all-day breakfast Twitter announcements have been absolutely killing it, which of course is amping me up even more. This is a very emotional time for everyone, but at least it's full of good feelings, right? Most of us probably couldn't be any happier about it.

So here's a very brief summation of what's been going on in case you have fallen behind: Traditionally, McDonald's only served their breakfast menu until 10:30 a.m. each day because of blah blah grill size or something. In March, McDonald's announced that they would be running a trial all-day breakfast menu in San Diego for the month of April. Then, there was a widespread all-day breakfast fest on the glorious holiday of 4/20. But it was only for one day, and on April 21, the masses were once again without an option for afternoon McMuffins.

Until now.

This afternoon, McDonald's announced that McMuffins for the masses will soon be available all day. And because McDonald's is a gift from heaven, the company's social media team has spent the day replying to literally years-old tweets asking for 24/7 breakfast with fun GIFs and and quirky quips. Like, they actually saved tweets from 2008 and are making these individuals' dreams come true.

I'm buggin'. Here are some of my favorites, because words fail me now. Head on over to McDonald's Twitter account to see more wondefulness.

Nommin' Smiley

Presidential Hashbrown

Secretive Egg

Newsies Do Breakfast

Hack Your Life with McD's

Whatever Chrissy Teigen Wants, Chrissy Teigen Gets

You win, McDonald's. You win on so many levels.

Image: McDonald's