7 Stages Of Missing 'Pretty Little Liars' When The Wait For The Premiere Feels Endless

One of the hardest parts about being a Pretty Little Liars fan is dealing with the long breaks in between the two parts of each season. The wait can seem interminable, made only worse by the inevitable cliffhanger each finale gives us. (It's a brutal paradox.) But from one Pretty Little Liars fan to another, I'm here to say I understand the stages of missing the TV show.

The lapse in between halves of the season is like a longer, more extended version of the reaction viewers have each week between each episode. Unfortunately, instead of six days of counting down, the wait tends to skew closer to something like five months. This year, that seems even longer because there's no holiday episode in Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars .

Luckily, if we stick together (and keep those fan theories coming!) we can all get through the wait together. At least we can always marathon Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars during the break, right? It never hurts to re-examine old episodes for hidden clues or previews we missed the first time around. Until the 6B premiere of PLL, here's the seven stages of missing the show that all fans experience.

1. Numbness

Wait. What just happened? Did I really just see that? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

2. Disbelief

And now I have to wait months to find out what happens next?

3. Crying

I'll never make it.

4. Rationalizing

Okay, I can do this. Be strong.

5. Researching

Time to investigate all of the fan theories.

6. Marathoning

And that means re-watching the entire series, obviously.

7. Counting Down

The premiere is so close! I can do this!

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