8 Questions All 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Can Answer, Proving Not Everything In Rosewood Is A Mystery

Though some may argue that the Pretty Little Liars "Summer of Answers" didn't quite live up to its name, there's no denying that the series did deliver a bunch of new and exciting intel we've been waiting to learn about for years. Red Coat's identity… Black Widow's identity… what really happened to Marion Cavanaugh… all of these mysterious were finally solved. And while there are still some very substantial PLL plot holes that don't quite seem to add up, I'm hoping that at least some of those things will become clearer when Season 6B makes its grand debut. In the meantime, though, we should revel in our vast Rosewood knowledge and reflect on all of the PLL questions we as fans are now able answer.

Thanks to all of our obsessing (and by that, I, of course, mean vast amounts of hard studying and research), diehard fans are basically an encyclopedia of PLL knowledge. Not only do we quote the series on a regular basis, but we also have a vast assortment of inside jokes at our disposal to share with like-minded obsessors. And don't even get me started on all the 'ships. Yes, it's safe to say we pretty much know PLL inside and out at this point, especially when it comes to certain things. We may not yet know the identity of Jessica DiLaurentis' killer, but there are a few questions every tried and true fan should be able to answer by now.

1. Which PLL 'Ship Is The Best?

If your answer isn't automatically Haleb then you're doing it wrong. Plain and simple.

2. Should There Be A PLL Moms Spin-Off?

YES, YES, a thousand times YES!

3. What Color Tank Top Have You Sworn Off Wearing?

Note to self: nothing good ever comes from wearing a ruffled yellow tank top. Proceed to shop at your own risk.

4. What Was The Best Moment In The Finale?

It wasn't when A was finally revealed. It was when Emily punched Sara Harvey in the face. Come on, you know you cheered when it happened. Don't deny it.

5. Who Has The Greatest Lines?

It's admittedly a close call between Spencer and Hanna, but if we're being honest, nothing beats one of Spencer's sarcastic comebacks. Those Hastings women are not to be trifled with.

6. True Or False: Shay Mitchell Is Almost Too Gorgeous For Words

Could not be more true, folks.

7. How Has Mike Montgomery Changed Throughout The Years?

Let's just say that someone must be drinking a lot of milk these days. (Hello, Mr. Biceps!)

8. Who Can You Trust On This Show?

NO ONE. Now that's a lesson we should definitely all take to the grave.

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