Where Is Ben Higgins From? ‘The Bachelor’ Is Basically Ben Wyatt From 'Parks And Recreation'

Now that we know for sure that Ben Higgins is the next Bachelor,it's time to start memorizing all that we can about him. He has a signature style and has already won over a lot of fans at the Nation, and I'm looking forward to how he approaches the process of the show after going through (and shaking up) the formula with Kaitlyn Bristowe. But let's get back to basics for a little bit — where is Bachelor Ben Higgins from originally? He currently lives in Denver, sometimes known as "Menver," which is great news for suitors who would prefer to re-locate (if they do at all) to a major city. However, Ben Higgins' midwest charm has deeper roots.

According to ABC, Ben Higgins is from Warsaw, Indiana. His Twitter bio lists his hometown as Winona Lake, which is a nearby small town. That part of the country is known for its many lakes. Basically what I'm saying is that Ben Higgins a prime example of an L.L. Bean Boyfriend. He has also traveled the country, as well as overseas (sort of) to Bolivia and he even lived in Peru. That said, here's a mnemonic to help you remember his home town. Because he's from Indiana, I'm going to relate to him with gifs of another perfect television guy, Ben Wyatt.

OK OK, Parks and Recreation super fans, I know that Mr. Leslie Knope hails from Partridge, Minnesota and not Pawnee. However, he's an honorary Indianian and served the state in Congress. It's cool. If nothing else, it does explain all the plaid that Ben Higgins loves to sport. They're basically the same person, don't fight me on this.

Actually, according to Ben Higgins' Instagram, Denver seems like the perfect place for him. Sure, there's lots of business for him to analyze or whatever his job entails when he's not busy being a reality television star. There's also plenty of outdoors to escape to for hiking, fishing, and whatever kind of adventure you need. It's a great mix.

However, he's an Indiana boy at heart and seems to like going back to visit friends and family as often as possible. If we can take Twitter's word for anything, that's where he calls home. So, any Bachelor hopefuls out there might want to get used to this view. I don't think it's going to be a problem.

Images: Felicia Graham/ABC; WiffleGif