7 ‘Miss You Already’ Trailer Moments That Depict The True Power Of Female Friendship

It's 2015 and the amazing effects of girl power are everywhere. From Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour to inspiring celebrity women, it feels like female friendships have never been stronger. The complexities of these relationships are explored in Drew Barrymore and Toni Collete's new movie, Miss You Already. The first Miss You Already trailer just dropped and it promises to give viewers a mix of laughter and tears.

The YouTube description for the video describes it as:

an honest and powerful story following two best friends, Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore), as they navigate life’s highs and lows. Inseparable since they were young girls, they can’t remember a time they didn’t share everything —secrets, clothes, even boyfriends — but nothing prepares them for the day Milly is hit with life-altering news.

It's the perfect story for modern women because it combines the power of female friendship with trials of the 21st Century. And, judging by its two leading ladies, it's going to be a pretty amazing movie. Miss You Already hits theaters on Nov. 6, but until then, you can check out seven moments from the trailer that depict the power of female friendship in the GIFs below.

RoadsideFlix on YouTube

1. When The Friends Miss Each Other Already

Them saying goodnight is so sweet.

2. When Milly Learns She Has Cancer

And Jess is supportive — but in disbelief.

3. When Jess Has Milly's Back

Even in the really, really hard times.

4. And Tells Her That She Looks Like A Superhero

Because Jess is trying to see the bright side.

5. When Milly Gets A Wig

Jess is by her side for this incredibly vulnerable moment.

6. But They Still Maintain Their Sense Of Humor

They're even cracking jokes.

7. When Jess Is In Labor And Just Wants Milly

And Milly is by her side.

Images: Lionsgate (screenshot); Lionsgate (7)