7 Times ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Aria Montgomery Was Totally You When Clothes Shopping

When you watch Pretty Little Liars long enough, it's natural to find parallels between yourself and the characters. For instance, Spencer Hastings was you during finals week and when it came to college applications, Aria Montgomery got you. The latter is also a total trendsetter, so it makes sense that when clothes shopping, you're Aria.

Aria has tried combining every pattern under the sun and always manages to pull it off. (Mad props to Lucy Hale for making those bold sartorial choices work.) She's not afraid to wear a crop top to prom — channeling 10 Things I Hate About Youor to mix bold colors. When A chopped off Aria's long, shampoo-commercial hair, the style maven made it work (and made us all want chin-length bobs). Yes, Aria Montgomery knows fashion and that's exactly why she's with us in spirit when we're clothes shopping.

Whether you're debating whether or not to buy an outfit, trying to find the perfect fit, or just on a hunt for a great vintage piece, Aria gets you. May she continue to inspire all of us to push the fashion envelope. You can check out the GIFs below for seven times Aria was you when clothes shopping.

1. When The Outfit You Want Is Out Of Your Budget

Why is it not on sale?

2. When You Get The Best Discount Ever

Celebration for days.

3. When Your Friends Give You Brutal Honesty

Your friends will always tell you when that outfit is a bad idea.

4. When You Try On A New Outfit For Your Friends

Because you feel fierce walking out of the dressing room.

5. When You Have To Return Something

It's not an easy choice.

6. When You're On The Fence About Buying Something

These are the tough choices in life.

7. When The Outfit You've Been Watching Goes Out Of Stock

Your greatest fear realized.

Images: ABC Family (screenshot); Giphy (7)