14 Times 'Pretty Little Liars' Spencer Was You During Finals Week

If there's one Pretty Little Liars girl you want as your study buddy, it's the uber-brainy Spencer Hastings. Yes, the youngest Hastings daughter has "studious" embedded in her DNA — but that's not the only reason why this girl would be the perfect person to partner up with before a major exam. Spencer is the Pretty Little Liars ' resident Nancy Drew, and if she can figure out A's connection to the DiLaurentis family, she can definitely help you drill those stat formulas into your head. Plus, Spencer has a real passion for learning (remember her homemade Queen Elizabeth Halloween costume? It's like she's a living history lesson) and could be a seriously coveted tutor at Rosewood High if she wanted to be. You know, if she wasn't super busy with being stalked and nearly murdered on a weekly basis.

Of course, just because Spencer is completely brilliant doesn't mean that she doesn't have to deal with the same frustrations we all go through in school. In fact, when it comes to cramming for finals, Spencer would be completely onboard with your desire to throw your TI-84 against the wall, and your desperate need for yet another cup of espresso. (Or, you know, nine.)

If you are starting to think that being tortured by A would be way more fun than studying for finals, let Spencer be your studying guide. Here are all of the times Spencer was you during finals week:

1. When You See A Friend Trying To Catch Up On All The Reading She Missed This Semester

Either way, it's making you really nervous.

2. When You And Your Friend Are Going Over Terminology, And You're Pretty Sure She's Pronouncing "Etymology" Wrong

The 'E' is not silent, but at long as the definition is right, you can't complain too much.

3. When Your Professor Tells You She's Skipping Homework So You Can Study For Exams

Nice try, but you know that this is just her excuse for making your final ridiculously hard.

4. When Your Less-Than-Studious Friend Asks Where You've Been All Week

TBH, the fact that you haven't seen your friend at all in the library doesn't bode too well for their own GPA...

5. When Your Test Proctor Asks You To Stay Seated Until The Other Students Finish Their Exams

You want to put this hellish exam behind you like, yesterday, and another 45 minutes in this classroom while you wait for the test stragglers to finish up is as good as torture.

6. When Your Friend Reminds You That Their Grade In Class Is So High, They Could Bomb The Final And Get A B

Your Stat 101 score could definitely use some improvement, and this final is anything but no big deal. And the reminder of that kind of sucks.

7. When Someone Asks You To Catch Them Up On A Lecture They Missed — And The Final Exam Is Tomorrow

The lecture was two hours long, and you're pretty sure your notes turned into doodles by the end of hour one. This is what you get for skipping class.

8. When Your Friend Tells You To Blow Off Studying And Come To The Bar

As much as it kills you to miss bar trivia and half-priced margaritas, you're sticking to your previously scheduled programming of textbooks, highlighters, and caffeine.

9. When You're Late-Night Studying... And You Run Out Of Coffee

Because a sugar rush can totally get you through the next 147 pages of The History Of The Roman Empire.

10. When You Realize You Remember Every Word To Justin Bieber's "Baby," And Not Any Of Those Stat Equations

Ugh, why can't there be a hit pop song about standard deviations?

11. When Your Professor Refuses To Tell You The Format Of The Test Before Exam Day

Um, how can you emotionally prepare for an exam if you have no idea how many essay topics will be on it?

12. ...And When They Tells You That There Won't Be Any Curve

But... but... but...

13. When Your Friend Asks Why You Stopped Cramming For Your Psychology Exam Tomorrow

You're pretty sure that your brain cannot handle any more theories. If you're meant to ace this exam, it's going to be with the knowledge you've already acquired.

14. When You've Studied So Much You Realize You've Completely Neglected Your Social Life

And by "friends," you obviously mean the Friends on Netflix: Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, and Ross. Obviously.

Of all of the liars, Spencer is definitely the one who is in your corner when it comes to finals week. Keep calm and study on, Spencer style.

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