Why Rosie Refused To Take Photos For A Whole Year

Could you imagine a supermodel who refused to have her picture taken? Well, according to E!, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley refused to be photographed for one whole year. OK, granted, this was when she was fourteen, but still! Imagine if she hadn't grown out of that phase...

Though the British model has the ideal shade of golden blonde locks, they weren't always so covetable thanks to a shoddy at home dye job. "When I was about 14 I had pestered and pestered my mum to get a box of hair dye with brush-on highlights, and I ended up with two massive peroxide streaks, like a badger. I remember crumbling on to the bathroom floor screaming at my mother, 'You ruined my life!' and sobbing my eyes out," she told Stella magazine. I hear you, Rosie. This was me with my attempt to cut Lizzie McGuire bangs with my mom's desk scissors in seventh grade. Not cute.

Though they bought hair dye to cover it up, it ended up turning red and getting mega damaged. So her solution? No photographs allowed. Huntington-Whiteley admits her family can't find any photographs of her from age 14-15, as she refused to have any taken. Well, at least she's making up for that lack of camera time now.

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Refusing to have your picture taken is one approach, but in case this disaster happens to any of you, here's a few less severe tips to help fix a bad dye job.

1. Cut It Off


If it's on the top of your head, you're out of luck, but if the ends are the problem: chop chop.

2. Color Your Entire Head The Same Color

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If you have streaky highlights like Rosie did, go full blonde with all-over highlights so it will look more uniform. Ditto if your streaks are brunette/dark.

3. Get A Gloss

Go to a hair salon and get a hair gloss that will tone down brassy or too blonde of highlights.

4. Use A Purple Shampoo Or Conditioner

If going to a professional isn't an option, try a purple shampoo or conditioner. It can help neutralize brassiness in blondes. (Clairol Shimmer Lights; $8.78;

5. Try Dish Soap

Color too dark? Mix a few drops of dish soap into your regular shampoo to help fade some of that color. (Palmolive Dish Liquid; $1.49;

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