The 7 Nicest Compliments In Hillary Clinton's Emails Prove She's Got Many Adoring Friends & Fans

Monday night's newest release of more than 7,000 of Hillary Clinton's emails showed that though the former secretary of state might have been under fire from political pundits, there were still a lot of really nice things said about Clinton in the email dump. Maybe it was just sucking up, but who cares. There were some extremely complimentary notes sent to the current presidential candidate, who might benefit from some good press right now.

The notes range from quick memos congratulating Clinton to long, heartfelt letters thanking her for her friendship. Some are really adorable, while others are so profuse that they feel a little invasive to read. But it's nice to see the relationships that Clinton has created and sustained, especially when so much of the media circulating her campaign is negative. And honestly, I would love to get some emails that nice.

While previous dumps have been funny (such as showcasing Clinton's battle with technology), this batch was largely dominated by the long, drawn out emails sent by long-time Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal. But it was by far the nicest batch of emails to be released. Here are some of the most complimentary letters sent to Clinton by friends, aides, and acquaintances.

The Nicest Goodbye Letter Ever

When Daniel Helfenbein, a former media coordinator, left the Obama administration in 2010, he sent Clinton an extremely heartfelt email thanking her for her guidance, and assuring her that this wasn't the end. Helfenbein had worked with and for Clinton for years, and said "You are one of a kind — there is no other one like you, and there never will be. I truly believe that the world needs you in whatever capacity that you are in." Aww.

My Dear Friend Hillary

In one of the most uncomfortable emails ever sent, Clinton family friend Lanny Davis asked Clinton if she would consider providing a quote about him to a reporter. It appears that Davis realized it might be inappropriate to ask the Secretary of State to do so, which is why the email is literally full of "pleases." Davis repeatedly refers to her as his "good friend Hillary," and lays down some extremely warm praise.

"The honest to goodness truth is,: Aside from Carolyn, my four children, and my immediate family, I consider you to be the best friend and the best person I have met in my long life," Davis said. "You know that from the dedication and appreciation of you I have always felt and expressed to you over four decades."

I Love You & I Miss You...

...Is literally something that ad man Roy Spence wrote to Clinton in April 2010. Spence sent Clinton an extremely nice email praising her work at the State Department, and reflecting on her achievements, citing, "The love and respect you give freely to all whom love life and liberty and opportunity for all. ... So I say to a beloved and dear love one-that be you-I love you. I respect you. I miss you. I cherish every moment of our remarkable journey together."

I Love Hillary!

Karen Finney, a former Clinton communications adviser and MSNBC host, sent an email to Cheryl Mills in July 2009 with the simple headline, "I Love Hillary!" Finding an email like that in your inbox on a Monday morning has got to be a great ego boost. Finney also signed the email with an 'xo' which is just so sweet.

Happy New Years

Apparently Clinton's team all got very sentimental on New Years, as a series of sweet emails was passed around. After Clinton heaped praise and thanks onto Anne-Marie Slaughter, the former State Department adviser and current Princeton professor followed suit. "Life seems very sweet indeed this New Year's Day, and all the more so with the privilege of doing meaningful and important work with a great team of people and a leader whom I am proud to serve," Slaughter said.

Dearest Madame Secretary

One of the best emails in the batch came from designer Diane Von Furstenberg, who referred to Clinton as "Dearest Madame Secretary" and casually mentioned that she was just hanging in Abu Dhabi, watching Clinton on TV. "You are looking so well! You are more and more impressive... I am so proud of you," Von Furstenberg said. She then went on to ask Clinton if she would be willing to receive an award at the Women of the World Conference. "YOU are such an example of strength, leadership and spirit to all of us women," Von Furstenberg wrote. "Am I dreaming or would you be willing to accept it?"

My Favorite Secretary Of State

This line pops up a few times actually — first in 2010 in an email from Diane Reynolds (who is actually Chelsea Clinton), complaining that she can't find videos of her mother on the State Department website. The second reference comes from Kris Durmer, general counsel for the General Services Administration, when she wished "congratulations to my favorite Secretary of State for the re-launch of Israeli - Palestinian negotiations."

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Regrettably, there were no further insights into Clinton's love of iced-tea (though we did learn that she enjoys skim milk in her hot tea), and we had no updates on the epic fax-machine battle. But these sweet (and sometimes awkward) emails will have to tide us over until the next batch comes out.