Where’s Chad Rogers Today? The ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Alum Is A Part-Time Rock Star

After 7 seasons of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, it's hard to believe that there are still ridiculously opulent homes left to unload in southern California. But, the Bravo series is returning Wednesday with more realty drama and paralyzing house-envy. All of last season's agents are back to sell, sell, sell, including Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, James Harris, and David Parnes. (Former cast member Madison Hildebrand will make guest appearances!) But, what about the agent who stepped away from the show after Season 3? Chad Rogers left Million Dollar Listing (pre-the addition of the location specifier) after a few clashes with Flagg and has never looked back. So, what is Chad Rogers up to now?

Now a 38-year old, Chad Rogers is still rolling with the big money and excelling at the real estate game. Though he's obviously fine to settle with the descriptor "former Bravo star," the agent lacks no talent for self-promotion. And, if the various incarnations of Million Dollar Listing have taught fans anything valuable about the industry, it's that the seller's reputation and notoriety matters — especially when the clients the seller is seeking are some of the wealthiest and most image-conscious in the country.

Rogers keeps his personal blog up-to-date with a couple of entries a month. Many of them showcase press clippings about his standing in the real estate industry, like a recent interview with Beverly Hills Magazine where he's touted as a "business leader." Other posts give details on his recent listings and sales: A $10 million Pacific Palisades villa here, a $12 million Malibu beach house there. He even shows Bustle a little love for an article about his puppy Starla.

The agent's Instagram offers a more everyday look at the high life, and further proof that Chad Rogers is doing just fine post-MDL. Take his newly detailed Bentley, or the pristine yacht that served as the setting for some friends' co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party. I looked up the Leicht Star and its official rental site lists the vessel as 143 feet long, with clutch features like a gym, four master and four guest suites, and a helicopter pad. This, as they say, is the life.

When he's not pressing flesh and closing deals, Rogers is rocking out with his band. His musical side gets equal billing on his social media accounts, where he lists "guitarist" in his bio right alongside his other areas of expertise. Just last week, he teased a fairy tale-themed music video where he apparently does some time shred-flirting with a few woodland nymphs. And a short video from the studio soundboard gives fans a preview of a pretty capable-sounding cover of "Rocket Man."

Oh, and if you haven't laid eyes on Rogers since he left the reality series, prepare yourself. The agent really leaned into the sunshine state's penchant for all things health and fitness. E! Online caught him looking ripped during a beach workout and included him in a post dedicated to hot dudes in the sand. Looks like his hard work paid off!

But, don't worry, pet lovers. The light of Chad Rogers' life still appears to be the impossibly adorable Starla. The pup is high-profile enough to warrant her own Instagram account and Facebook fan page, but she still makes numerous cameos in her dad's posts.

Plus, with some distance between him and the show, Rogers is making nice with the Bravo family. Recently, he took the time to pose for Josh Altman's Instagram; Altman shouted him out for being "a really nice guy." Next step? Hopefully a selfie with Flagg, to officially bury the hatchet.

There is life after reality TV. And, for Chad Rogers, it's looking pretty sweet.