6 Reasons 'American Hustle' Star Amy Adams is Hollywood's Most Overshadowed Actress

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We said it: Amy Adams is underrated. While that might seem ridiculous for a four-time Oscar nominee, it's the best word to sum up Adams' 14-year career. Over her time in Hollywood, the actress has garnered huge acclaim for her films, yet her work has been constantly overshadowed by the more showy, in-your-face acting of her co-stars. This has never been clearer than in her newest film, American Hustle, in which Adams gives a show-stopping performance as the partner and lover of Christian Bale's conflicted con man. Yet while critics have noted her amazing acting, they've paid far more attention to the work of her co-stars, like Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

The problem is that Adams' performances are great because of how natural they seem. And subtlety, unfortunately, tends to get overlooked when compared to loud, passionate performances. This is a real shame, because Adams is a hugely talented actress who deserves to get just as much notice as her peers. Unfortunately, her overlooked performance in American Hustle is just the latest in a pattern for Adams. Here are seven films in which the actress has played second fiddle to her co-stars.

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