Chloe Moretz '5th Wave' Trailer Teaches You Exactly What to Do During An Alien Invasion — VIDEO

To be fair, I've been a fan of Chloe Moretz ever since she appeared in Kick-Ass as Hit Girl, so she can pretty much do acting wrong in my eyes. Thankfully, that's not a defensive comment in this case, because the trailer for The 5th Wave, Moretz's upcoming YA film about aliens and paranoia, looks as awesome as I would expect any film featuring the 18-year-old actress to be. The movie is an adaptation of the book by Rick Yancey, in which an alien invasion by a race called "Them" or the "Others" by the humans has already struck earth in four waves: darkness, destruction, infection, and invasion. Now humanity is dealing with the fifth wave, in which the Others are patrolling the countryside and mowing down any survivors.

Moretz plays Cassie, one of the few human survivors, whose only goals in life are to stay alone and rescue her little brother — at least until she meets the mysterious and beguiling Evan Walker (Alex Roe). The trailer perfectly captures the terror that comes along with, you know, casually walking along, thinking you're at the top of the food chain, when all of a sudden a giant space ship of aliens comes along to ruin your day. And also your family. And also your planet. And also your life. As Cassie gets progressively filthier, progressively more desperate, and progressively ruthless, you really have to feel for her. After all, surviving in a dystopian, post-Apocalyptic world can't be easy when you're by yourself. The fact that her only goal in life seems to be to rescue her brother in the midst of all of that is truly admirable.

Picking the best moments out of such an awesome trailer is hard, but here are my top 11 choices.

1. Chilling With Her Family

You almost want to reach into the screen and pull Cassie away from this sweet family scene, because you already know how bad things are about to get for her.

2. Seriously, The Good Times Are Gone So Fast

It's like as soon as they hear the news broadcast that something bad is going on, something worse happens. Ever heard of breather room? Delayed gratification? Waiting for the news report to finish before you attack, aliens?

3. The Creepy Aliens

I don't even need to actually see them. I don't even want to actually see them. I'm good, thank you.

4. Whatever This Is

I don't know what it is, I don't want to know what it is, and I don't like it.

5. The Infection

Lining body bags up in the street? What is this, 28 Days Later? Am I not terrified enough here? I hope aliens never invade the earth, because I would be dead after the blackout.

6. Her Terrified Little Brother


7. Her Beanie Game

The earth may be going to hell, but damn if her beanie game isn't the strongest I've seen since Audrey Middleton from Big Brother 's.

8. This Supernatural Shot

Dean Winchester, is that you scrounging for food after crawling out of your own grave in Season 4? Just kidding. This is actually a smart strategy and, let's be real, who is going to come after you for shoplifting when humanity is in peril?

9. Cassie's Got A Gun

#ApocalypseSurvivalSkills, yo.

10. When She Makes A Human Connection

Which is a nice change from when she nearly shot a guy in the opening of the trailer. Glad there's still some human left in there, Cass.

11. This Guy

Who can think about the Apocalypse with this hottie running around? Sorry, what's that? I need to sort out my priorities? Hey, if we're all going to die anyway, then these are my priorities. Don't judge me when the world is ending, OK?

Watch the trailer below.

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