New Photos Of Oliver & Felicity's Vacation Will Make Fans Curious About These 8 Things From Their Trip — PHOTOS

All summer and no Arrow Season 4 trailer makes me a dull girl. Seriously, folks. It’s OK to admit that we’ve all been going a bit mad over it. Thankfully, the hurt of neglect has been somewhat eased (however slightly) by the release of a few photos. For instance, show runner Marc Guggenheim tweeted two Olicity vacation pictures on Tuesday night. And, Stephen Amell also posted one earlier this summer. Probably, in part, due to a fear of a torch and pitchfork riot or an influx of Twitter spam.

The thing is, because we’ve had so much time to ruminate over Oliver and Felicity’s indefinite vacation, our imaginations have undoubtedly run wild. And, things have gotten a bit… intense. (Trust me, people. I see the memes.) What I’m trying to say here is, thanks to the lack of actual Arrow content during the hiatus, we’re expecting a lot once the show returns. Especially, after being teased with little crumbs of Olicity picture adorableness, when we’ve all been starving for actual scenes.

So, because the vacation picture of Oliver and Felicity have only left us wanting, here are the eight things we all need to know about their road trip once Arrow returns… or else.

(Just pretend like you don't see Guggenheim. It's much more romantic that way.)

1. Like, Where The Heck Did They Actually Go?

Because I don't think a car could have taken them anywhere close to the picture on the left.

2. Did They Keep In Touch With Everyone Back At Home?

Unlike Thea and her Corto Maltese trip, where everyone except Roy thought she was touring Europe. Queens are not the best at communication.

3. Does Oliver Warn The Waiters And B&B Owners In Each New City Of Felicity's Nut Allergy?

This is the kind of Oliver-as-a-boyfriend type story I'm here for.

4. A Backstory To Felicity's New Haircut

Did she need something low maintenance because of all the traveling? Did she accidentally get her gum stuck in it? Did they get really drunk one night, play truth or dare, and Felicity refused to back down from Oliver's challenge?!

5. Did They Have A Harrowing Experience That Warranted New *Special* Terms Of Endearments?

A jet ski accident? A bird terrorizing them during dinner and flying away with a tasty salmon dish? Listen, I'm down for anything that gets Oliver Queen to use a pet name.

6. Does The Hiking Photo Mean That Oliver Helped Felicity To Get Over Her Fear Of Heights?

I want a flashback. You know, in addition to all those other flashbacks.

7. Felicity Sans Glasses: What Goes On?!

No pony, no glasses, no worries. Carefree Felicity.

8. *Spoiler Alert* Since It's Been Inferred That Olicity Will Live Together In Season 4, How Exactly, Did That Major Decision Come About?!

So. Many. Possibilities. Can't. Articulate. Without. Exploding.

Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Probably. Will we stop speculating, though? Definitely not.

Images: The CW; Giphy (7); theirhappystory/Tumblr (1)