I'mUp Is The Beauty Essential Of The Future

Wearable tech is not solely the domain of fashion or accessories. The trend isn't relegated to phone-charging jackets or alarms embedded in jewelry, although those are pretty cool and all. The beauty world is getting in on the trend with I'm Up, a power charger integrated into a blush compact. I can envision this newly launching two-fer quickly establishing itself as an essential due to its space-saving nature.

TBH, I found myself yawning at the influx of wearable tech that flooded the market about a year ago. I just wasn't wowed, even though I am forced to carry my portable phone charger with me all the time, due to my status as an iPhone power user. I resigned myself to having to tuck a charger into whatever bag I happened to be using. End. Of. Story.

Yet I'mUp combines two things most women carry in their handbags and thus optimizes precious space.

During-the-day touchups are necessary for my face and my iPhone. Swipe a little blush on my cheeks, plug in my phone to juice up the battery and keep me connected, and I'm set for the next few hours. It's genius for my lifestyle.

Here's what else you need to know about this product, which is necessary for everyone from business execs to college students. It's a busy girl's Holy Grail.

1. It's Small But Effective

The charger is slim and the design was meant to be simple and functional. It will charge an iPhone 5 battery in 41 minutes and it integrates with any electronic device that recharges via a USB port. That's good enough for me.

2. Space Case

I know I am constantly trying to purge from my purse, since I really don't need 16 MAC Lipglass shades while on-the-go. (Four will suffice... maybe five.) That said, if bag space is at a premium, and you are looking to streamline, I'mUp lets you do just that.

3. LED Lights + Eco Friendly

The compact also has an LED light, so you can touch up your face in a dark cab or in a dark club or whenever/wherever lighting is scarce. Even better, it's eco-friendly and is meant to be refilled. Right now, it offers pink and brown shades.

The project is available for pre-order and support via Kickstarter.

I am feeling like this compact x charger is pretty much perfect for me. I know when I am going to a late concert for work and I want to tote a simple crossbody with only things I really need, which includes makeup, this would be a dream!

What I'd really dig is an I'mUp with a lip gloss or foundation option! I use those more than blush, but that's me. Perhaps it's in the works.

Images: Courtesy of Melely (3); Kickstarter (1)