Curlmix Is Like Birchbox For Your Curls

by Madison Fraser

Subscription beauty boxes can bring you a wide array of makeup, skincare, and hair care — they're basically the gift every beauty junkie wants. If you care more about your luscious locks and less about lipstick, you may be thrilled to hear that Curlmix, a subscription box for curly haired girls, just launched on September 1st, according to Refinery 29.

Having curly hair is a challenge to manage. Curlmix provides a similar service to Birchbox or Ipsy in that it gets delivered to your doorstep every month, however all of its contents are DIY. Before you get freaked out by the idea of having to get crafty, the service promises to be easy. In a nutshell, the box will contain five to seven ingredients and instructions on how to make your own hair product.

And, of course, not all curls are alike. Curlmix promises to include modifications for the recipes depending on whether your hair is "kinkier or wavier." It's a pretty genius concept, as it allows you customize and tailor everything to exactly your needs. If you've tried every product on the market and still haven't found your special one, DIY may be the solution for you.

The box is curated every month by a popular vlogger (with a curly hair of course), and the September one will start with Maeling Murphy, the woman behind Natural Chica. According to her Instagram, the first recipe is for a Honey Lemon Mud Wash, which she promises will "remove impurities from the scalp and hair as a cleanser" and "moisturize the strands" without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Oh, and in case you totally fall in love with whatever concoction you whip up when you receive your first box, it will also come with one extra jar so you can share with all your curly haired friends as well. Sharing is caring, folks.

A Curlmix box costs $29.99 a month (with free shipping), but you can sign up for up to a year and can cancel at anytime if you decide the DIY life isn't for you. While it's a lot more expensive than some other beauty boxes, you may find it extremely useful if you struggle with hair care.

Curly haired girls: your monthly regimen just got a whole lot more efficient.