9 Stylish Ways To Celebrate Bacon Day

With Labor Day comes great sales, short getaways, and some of the last beach days of the summer, but it shares a weekend with another thrilling holiday. That's right — the Saturday before Labor Day is International Bacon Day! It's the perfect excuse to chow down on one of the most beloved foods there is (as if you needed an excuse). However, there are stylish ways to celebrate bacon, and they involve no grease whatsoever. Of course, I recommend eating bacon while you wear these items.

What makes bacon so great, you ask? Oh, just everything! Bacon resonates with mouths and hearts across the globe, which is why it's celebrated internationally. Bacon is more than just a food — it's a lifestyle. So put down that "Kale" t-shirt, leave your fast-food shoes at home (oh, OK, you can keep those on), and pick up some adorable bacon gear this Saturday.

Unfortunately, there's only so much bacon your stomach can take (or is there??). These foodie accessories are here to save the day and ensure that your love for bacon is apparent to all who cross your path. From bracelets to quirky tees, these fashionable items will help proclaim your love so you don't have to.

1. Close To Your Heart

Wear your love for bacon on your chest with a silver charm necklace.

(Silver Bacon Charm Necklace, FashionJunkie4Life, $18)

2. At The Gym

Let's be real: abs are temporary, bacon is forever.

(Bacon Tank Top, Constantly Varied Gear, $24.99)

3. Wear Your BAE

There's no denying what BAE really means with this set of bracelets.

(Bacon And Eggs Bracelet Set, Shop Bop, $100)

4. Stay Comfy

World peace is that simple.

(Bacon Funny T-Shirt, Open Sky, $16.99)

5. Keep It Classy

Share your love for your best friend and for bacon at the same time with these fabulous charm bracelets.

(Bacon & Eggs Bracelet, BonTon, $5.99)

6. Loud And Proud

Phones pretty much go everywhere with us, so make your case for bacon by, well, sporting it on your case.

(Bacon Phone Case, Society 6, $35)

7. Proof Is In The Pudding

Bacon is so crucial to our well-being that they put it on the periodic table. Or at least that's what you can tell yourself while rocking this tee.

(Periodic Bacon T-Shirt, Overstock, $23.49)

8. Ear Bacon

You can now have your bacon and eat it too with these earrings.

(Strip Of Bacon Earrings, Bakery Charms, $20)

9. All Tied Up

Don't use bacon grease to keep your hair in place — use this googly-eyed bacon clip!

(Bacon Hair Tie, Etsy, $5.99)

There's something for every bacon lover.

Images: Courtesy Brands