Will 'Hand Of God' Be Renewed For Season 2? We Shouldn't Lose Faith In The Amazon Series Just Yet

Most of the time, it can be very difficult to predict the fate of a new show. This is mainly due to the fact that you simply have no idea how the viewers are going to react to the characters or even the storyline itself. And even if the show does draw a decent cult following, even then there are no guarantees. (RIP Hannibal.) Which is why I'm extremely curious about Amazon's newest series, Hand of God , whose first season is now available for streaming for Amazon Prime subscribers. Right now, it's a little too soon to know whether or not Hand of God will get a Season 2 renewal, especially since Amazon has yet to release an official statement on the matter. However, I can't help but feel slightly optimistic regarding the show's continued existence. Why? Because it's already proven to do really well among viewers.

If you recall, back in August 2014, Amazon released the Hand of God pilot online and offered viewers a chance to voice their thoughts and opinions about the show. This actually played a vital role in helping the studio to decide if the program was worthy of getting a full series order. So if the season as a whole proves to do as well as the pilot, then I'd say the series is well on its way to sticking around for a second season.

But just in case Amazon needs a little more incentive than just sheer popularity, here are a few other reasons Hand of God should be a show that's built to last.

The Impressive Star Power

When you've got the likes of Ron Perlman, Julian Morris, and Dana Delany in your acting corner, your show is basically destined to be an epic success. Their talent alone is enough to earn this series a second go-round. (Though, if the show does get canceled, does this mean Wren can finally reveal himself as the true A on Pretty Little Liars? Please?)

The Compelling & Unique Storyline

Television may be booming with a lot of vigilante justice these days, but none of them offer up a religious twist like Hand of God. In light of a family tragedy, Perlman's character, Pernell Harris, starts to receive what he believes are messages from God, instructing him to carry out justice in his name. It's an interesting concept and one that I think has a lot of promise in developing further if given the chance.

Amazon Has A Great Track Record

Having delivered awesome shows like Transparent and Alpha House to us, I have complete confidence in the studio's taste for quality television. If they saw something in this show, then chances are there's something well worth seeing. So when it comes to Hand of God, all we need to do is have a little faith.

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