"How To Control Your iPhone With Your Head" Instructions Prove We Already Live In The Future

Since I've had an iPhone for about five years now, I assumed that I knew everything there was to know about the device and how to maximize it to its fullest potential. But as usual when it comes to technology, I was proven wrong when I spotted a video from Business Insider about about how to control your phone with your head. That's right, folks: It turns out you can control your iPhone with just a few movements of your head, placing us in what feels like the year 3000. Honestly, it's the most futuristic thing I've experienced since I used a touch screen for the first time — and that's really saying something.

Of course, this isn't the only iPhone secret that has recently come to light. From hacks that let you extend your battery life to secret emoji tricks that allow you to have a middle finger emoji or a live long and prosper one, people have been uncovering secret features of the device for years. While it's sometimes frustrating to discover that a feature that makes your life more convenient was hidden from view, it also keeps things interesting. It almost feels like you have a new phone every time you find and implement one of them.

So how exactly do you implement the "control-your-phone-with-your-head" trick? Let's take a look at the steps to make you a mind control master.

1. Start by going into your settings and finding "Accessibility."

To do this, hit "Settings," then "General," then "Accessibility." Scroll all the way down to "Switch Control" and turn it on.

2. If you've done this right, a blue box will start highlighting your text.

Once you toggle "Switch Control" on, a blue box will start moving about your screen, scanning text boxes like the one above.

3. If you've never done this before, the count next to your "Switches" should read zero.

But in order to make this trick work, that has to change. Select "Switches," and then select "Add New Switch." You'll be presented with a screen that says "Source" and gives you three options: "External," "Screen," and "Camera." Select "Camera." Then, you'll be given two more options: "Left Head Movement" and "Right Head Movement."

4. Your phone will give you options for what your head can make it do.

It will give you "Scanner" options and "System" options. To make your phone do something cool with your head, choose something from "System." Do you want a left head movement to decrease the volume and a right head movement to increase it? Do you want Siri to come up when you look left and for your phone to go to the home screen when you look right? Do you want all your apps to come up when you look left and your music to get quieter when you look right? It's all possible, my friends. The possibilities are... well, not endless, but there are quite a few useful ones.

5. Watch your phone perform actual magic.


Your wishes will be your phone's command. Just make sure to center your face with the camera until the two thin blue lines on the side of your phone are centered. Once you've done that, you'll be able to control your device just by moving your head left or right — even if the movements are subtle.

Want to undo it? Just turn "Switch Control" off and Voila! You're back to 2015 and contolling your phone with your fingers. You're welcome.

Click on over to Business Insider to watch the instructions in action.

Images: Mehak Anwar/Bustle (4); Pexels; Giphy