Is Lena Dunham Collaborating With Reese Witherspoon? Here Are 7 Reasons This Partnership Needs To Happen

Whether she is introducing the Lenny newsletter for young women or sharing a body positive workout photo, Lena Dunham is constantly inspiring her fans with her variety of cool projects. (That's not even including Girls!) It looks like one upcoming venture in particular won't disappoint, as Dunham and Reese Witherspoon might collaborate on a new movie!

According to E! News, the two actresses had lunch together with Dunham's producing partner, Jenni Konner. Konner was reportedly seen holding a manuscript to Wendy Walker's upcoming novel All Is Not Forgotten, which Witherspoon's production company is adapting into a movie. While the book isn't scheduled for release until 2017, Variety reports it "centers on a teenager’s rape in suburban Connecticut and the efforts by her parents and psychiatrist to help her recall the details of the attack."

Witherspoon and Dunham have spoken of each other favorably to the press. After the Oscar-winner said she'd love to make an appearance on HBO's Girls, Dunham responded by telling Howard Stern (quote via E! News), "I love Reese and the idea of working with her. We're friends and I adore her, but she's never outright asked. But now I'm going to use this as an entree."

Here's seven reasons why a Dunham/Witherspoon collaboration would be amazing.

1. They're Both Empowering To Women

Dunham and Witherspoon are all supporting other women.

2. It Would Be An Epic Girl Power Collab

Witherspoon, Dunham and Konner would all play major roles in this project.

3. They Would Be Combining Production Powers

Between Dunham's television experience and Witherspoon's movie career, both actress have so much to offer.

4. They Would Do This Important Story Justice

Based on the novel's synopsis, it's a powerful story that deserves an equally powerful movie adaptation.

5. It Would Be An Awards Darling

Witherspoon and Dunham have an impressive collection of awards between the them. Additionally, two of Witherspoon's production company's film, Wild and Gone Girl, garnered multiple nominations.

6. At Least One Of Them Might Appear In The Movie

After all, Witherspoon starred in Wild.

7. They Could Recruit More Powerful Women To Join

Witherspoon and Dunham have a wide range of influential women who could contribute to the project and make it even greater.

We'll have to wait for official confirmation about the project, but suffice to say I have high hopes the stars collaborate.

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