Are Josh Altman & Heather Bilyeu Still Engaged? The 'Million Dollar Listing' Couple Will Face A Rough Season 8

Wedding planning, under any circumstances, is already an emotional minefield. When Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles couple Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu tried to work out all their party-planning arguments on national TV, the stress strained their relationship. But, instead of letting their worries dictate their future as a couple, they stepped back and reassessed. Altman and Bilyeu called off their wedding last fall and assured US Weekly that the postponement didn't equal a breakup. "It turned into a story line as opposed to a wedding, and that didn't sit well with us," Bilyeu said. "It's about a marriage, not just a wedding." So, with Season 8 of Million Dollar Listing LA about to kick off, are Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu still together?

It can feel impossible to shut down something like an elaborate family wedding when all the pieces are in motion, but it seems that Altman and Bilyeu made the right call. The two realtors are still by each other's sides. And, they're still engaged! In a June 2015 interview with Toronto Paradise magazine, Bilyeu called Altman "my fiance" and also offered some bonding tips for other busy couples.

We recently started sitting down every Sunday and picking one day/night to block out to hang out together, whether that’s having dinner on a Monday night or blocking out a Sunday morning to hike together and have breakfast, we commit to carving out a couple hours or even an hour that we can fully commit to one another. Anything extra during the week is a bonus and it makes that "special" time together even better then.

The couple was definitely enjoying some of that "special" time recently. Bilyeu posted a dark and blurry shot of some sweet, late-night P.D.A.

Life hasn't slowed down at all for the Bravo stars. In addition to promoting the new season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and handling his clients (who can be a handful, as you know), Altman is also dropping a personal guide/memoir, titled It's Your Move, later this month. In a show of support for her partner, Bilyeu reposted Altman's Instagram announcement of his literary venture, calling him "a true role model."

For his part, Altman acknowledges the vital role that Bilyeu and her encouragement play in his life. He shouted out his love in this Instagram post and encouraged his followers to tag their partners "in success."

But, even the happiest and most successful couples have their issues. Last season on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Altman and Bilyeu went head-to-head over their upcoming nuptials. This time around, babies are the point of contention. In Bravo's first look at upcoming episodes, the couple has it out over bringing a little Bilyeu-Altman into the world. Altman insists that he doesn't have time to add to the family right now; Bilyeu reminds him that he was the one putting baby pressure on her for a while.

This bickering looks like a reprise of past fights; only the topic has changed. After the wedding debacle, I thought Altman had learned his lesson about prioritizing work over his personal relationships. Bilyeu knows the business as well as he does, but still wants to make time to live a real life. How long will she be able to stomach taking a back seat to the Million Dollar Listings lifestyle? We'll have to watch and find out, but here's hoping the couple will clear this relationship hurdle too.