My Beauty Diary: Maddi Bragg Shares Her Fall Must-Haves, Beauty Tips, And How To Get All Of The Likes On Instagram

Here are a few facts and figures about Maddi Bragg, if you're not already familiar: Two days after our shoot in NYC, she hit 1 million followers on her YouTube channel. Today, she has over 900,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 120,000 "opens" on her Snapchat feed. She is 17 years old. She's been filming and uploading videos to her page for the past four years. If you're doing the math, this means she made her first foray into internet stardom when she was a 12-year-old with long, blonde locks, braces, and a sweet, shy demeanor.

Maddi’s videos cover everything from room tours to back-to-school hauls, and she’s also a total beauty all-star. (She has the Best. Brows. Ever.) She also has one of the coolest Instagram feeds I’ve seen to date. In true Insta-star fashion, she coached me on the post that I was contemplating -- a view from our studio window -- and guided me through a whole new world of filters that I didn’t know I needed. (By the way, her view from the top got 64,900 likes. Mine got 30.)

After watching her evolve from her pre-teen years to her new, edgy look, I was beyond excited to sit down and chat with her IRL. We talked about her recent move to LA from Orange County, where most of her friends live, and how excited she was to hit seven figures on YouTube.

Here, we present 11 things you might not know about Maddi, straight from the star herself.

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1. She Caught The Fashion Bug At An Early Age, And The YouTube Bug Not Long After.

"I've always been into fashion and beauty — I never really liked sports or anything. I was watching other YouTubers and thought, 'Hey, I can do that...' So, I started filming these videos and posting them. I actually have no idea what my first video was. It was probably a haul video."

2. Filming Videos Helped Her Come Out Of Her Shell.

"I'm way more comfortable in front of the camera now. When I first started, I was so shy. Now, I'm so outgoing and I can talk to anyone. In that way, my new videos are more about who I actually am.

3. She Estimates That She's Filmed And Uploaded 270 Videos On Her Channel.

"My most popular videos are either my everyday makeup routine, or one the one of me getting ready for my freshman year of high school."

4. Bold Brows Are A Must.

"I usually keep my makeup and hair pretty natural, but I can't live without filling in my brows. And I'm absolutely obsessed with highlighting my skin."

5. She's Met A Lot Of Her Friends Online.

"I met so many of my friends through the Internet. I wouldn't know any of them if we hadn't done the YouTube thing. They do blogs, comedy sketches... a little bit of everything. We collaborate sometimes, which is fun, and we're always hanging out, talking ideas and helping each other."

6. Smoky Eyes = Instant Edgy Style.

"A neutral smoky eye is the perfect fall nighttime look, especially paired with a nude lip. It’s a good way to change up my natural makeup. I love grays and browns, which are still a bit neutral and not so drastic. My vibe is a bit edgy, so it plays well with everything that I wear."

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7. She's Still Figuring Out What The Future Holds, But She Loves 'Collabs.'

"I really want to design sunglasses. Or collab on something with my friends... something cool I hope!"

8. She Loves To Travel.

"This fall, I'll be coming back to New York and then going to Singapore and Thailand. I'll also be going to DC for a YouTube event."

9. Face Masks Are Weekly Rituals.

"My skin gets really dry in fall and winter. In California, it gets pretty windy, so my lips get chapped and my skin gets pretty dry. I have to moisturize a lot, a lot, a lot. I use a very moisturizing mask a couple of times a week, and I also moisturize morning and night."

10. Your Instagram NEEDS A Theme.

"Getting the most likes on Instagram requires a good theme. If your photos all have a similar filter, your audience will associate you with your feed. And posting frequently will also gain you followers! I'm also a big Snapchatter right now. I love it."

11. Her Fall Favorites Are Her Year-Round Uniform.

"I wear these boots [pictured below] every single day of my life. They're so comfortable, and I’m really into pointed toes right now. I also carry a good backpack. It’s so convenient; my hands are free, and it’s leather but I can dress it up."

12. Sandals Are A No-Go.

"I don't like preppy style, really. I don't really wear super-bright colors, and I don't really like sandals. I wear boots all the time, or tennis shoes. I wear Converse to the beach. As far as beauty, I don't really wear blues or purples or brights."

Images: Lauren Perlstein/Bustle; Instagram Photos: Maddi Bragg/@Maddibragg; Makeup: Joy Fennell; Hair: Adam Maclay; Grey Sweater: BB Dakota, Black Top: ASOS.

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