Are Meg & Vanessa Rivals On 'Big Brother 17'? The Polar Opposite Players Are Shaping Up To Be Bitter Enemies

It can be difficult to keep up with the drama in the Big Brother house. Alliances are constantly shifting on the show, and there is just so much going on that is hard to keep track of who is working with who and how the cast members actually feel about each other. It's not a secret that poker player Vanessa Rousso has been manipulating this game almost the entire time. And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, it's pretty obvious that Meg is not much of a threat with one of the worst track records in regard to game competitions and time spent on the block. So, it doesn't really seem like these two paths would cross, but now they have. Should we consider Vanessa and Meg to be the latest rivals on Big Brother 17?

At first I kind of laughed at that question, but then I gave it some more thought and realized that it actually is a reasonable statement to make. Meg may not seem like much of a competitor, but she really is Vanessa's foil in every sense of the word. And, since this definitely not a case of "opposites attract," it does make sense to consider Vanessa and Meg to be rivals this season for the following reasons.

Meg Loses And Vanessa Wins

Meg has never won a competition of any sort. This means that she has not had any actual power in this game. Vanessa has won both mental and physical competitions for Head of Household and Power of Veto. Vanessa is so good that she's even had to throw some of the competitions on purpose because she felt like it was best for her game. It might not seem like Meg is any kind of threat to Vanessa, but losing can actually be considered a benefit. Meg has zero blood on her hands since she has not made any decisions about who is on the block. On the other hand, Vanessa has had the power many times in this game which has kept her safe, but it has also made her some enemies. These two show us that there are definitely plus sides to winning and losing a lot on Big Brother.

Meg Is Loved And Vanessa Is Hated

Without really trying, Meg has a great social game. Meg is liked by the other players in the house, and she isn't a threat to them in the competitions, so these are reasons why the houseguests have kept her around. Meg hasn't had to make any major decisions in this game so she has been able to maintain positive interactions with her fellow cast members. Meanwhile, Vanessa has had multiple deals and alliances with every single member of the house, and gets protection from this strategy sometimes, but mostly it has put a major target on her as someone people want out of the house when she goes back on one of her many deals. Still, Vanessa having haters has actually benefited her with the houseguests keeping her in the game because they want a "bigger target" to remain in the house if their safety is in jeopardy.

Meg Has A Best Friend And Vanessa Has Fake Friends

Meg and James have an extremely close bond in the house. They make decisions with each other in mind and truly trust each other. Their genuine friendship has helped keep each of them sane in a house with no TV, internet, or music to occupy them otherwise. Vanessa has had several emotional breakdowns, because she feels alone in the Big Brother house. Even when Meg is on the block she has genuine support from James, but Vanessa really needs to win to feel comfortable in the house. We have all seen the cast flip flop with Vanessa too many times to count. One on hand, at least Vanessa doesn't have to worry about the possibility of crossing a friend for the sake of winning, but on the other it is sad that she feels so alone. Both Meg and Vanessa's vantage points have advantages and disadvantages, that's for sure.

Meg Seems Innocent And Vanessa Seems Like A Puppet Master

With Meg never being Head of Household or winning Power of Veto she has never had to make any real game decisions, so she seems very innocent. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Vanessa wins a lot and has had a big part sending pretty much everyone home and to the jury house. People in the house have caught on to Vanessa's ways and view her as a major puppet master. The houseguests have had every reaction under the sun to Vanessa's ways from wanting to align with her to trying to get her evicted. Meg may seem like an angel, but she has given some persuasive input when her allies have had power. She is definitely more subtle than Vanessa, but she also has her own power, especially when James has to make a decision. Both Vanessa and Meg have the ability to influence others and this is definitely threatening.

Meg Has The Jurors On Her Side And Vanessa Is Responsible For Making People Jurors

All of Meg's closest allies are chilling in the jury house right now and Vanessa is the one who sent them there. If Meg was to make it to the Final 2, she would definitely get the support of her friends voting on the winner. If Vanessa makes it to the Final 2, it would be tough for her to convince all of the jurors to vote for her to win because her game moves eliminated them from the competition. If I were Vanessa, I would not want to be standing next to Meg in front of the jury. On the other hand, I think that the jurors should vote for the person who made the best game moves over someone who virtually skated by because she was easy to beat in competitions.

After breaking it down, it seems like Vanessa and Meg are each other's ultimate threats in this game. It will be interesting to see who ends up going the farthest. Plus, you never know what could happen with the twists and turns on Big Brother.

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Image: Screengrab/CBS