Why Is Everyone On 'Big Brother' 17 Convinced That Meg Is A Threat?

Who would have ever thought that Big Brother 17/America's sweetheart, Meg, would become one of the biggest threats in the Big Brother house? Like, when you think about it, it's not like anything has really changed in her game to make more competitive: She's not suddenly winning competitions, or aligning with more people than anyone else. She’s still just good ol’ Meg, one of the few underdogs left in the house along with James. So what’s changed? Why is Meg suddenly the biggest threat in the house?

If you ask me, the cause for this is dwindling numbers. As the weeks go by and more and more people are evicted from the Big Brother house, that little two-person alliance between James and Meg has the potential to move from a minority to a majority. At this point in the season, alliances are small — like three people small. So, the longer Meg and James stay in the game, the more power their once-teeny alliance wields. Think about it: This week, the number of votes each person needs to stay in the house is three. With the numbers that low, a two-person alliance has the ability to make or break the power in the house.

Another potential reason: Meg is aligned with James, one of the best players in the house. Even though he’s been keeping his strategy on the down low lately, we all know he is a serious force to be reckoned with. So, of course, anyone aligned with him is going to benefit from his solid strategy and fierce competitiveness.

So, all that in mind, it kind of makes sense when Vanessa said that she wants Meg to go this week. Since James won the power of veto and used it on himself, he’s definitely not going anywhere — that means that, if Meg stays through to next week, her and James' two-person alliance will be even more powerful and more difficult to break apart. (Also a potential reason she could have it out for Meg: Remember that one time Meg and James let Austin know about Vanessa’s plan to backdoor him? Yeah — Vanessa is probably not too happy about that.) All in all, the houseguests have some pretty solid ground to stand on as far as considering Meg a threat.

But seriously who would have thought after all this time, Meg would turn out to be one of the biggest threats in the house? Not this girl. But hey, as they say — when it comes to the Big Brother house, expect the unexpected.

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Image: CBS (2)