7 Things Kylie Should Do Now That She's Blonde

When I first heard the news that yet another member of the Kardashian/Jenner family had gone blonde I was like, “Wait, for real?” You know how they like to tease! But, alas, Kylie Jenner seems to actually be blonde. It's for real this time you guys! I think. I mean, probably?

She has been wearing quite a few wigs recently, but this blonde 'do seem to be the real deal. She mentioned in her Instagram post that this process has been intense, so it’s got to be true, right? Swapping out a wig is the just opposite. I’d imagine going from jet black to blonde wouldn’t be easy, but it’s also so worth it in this case. All I’m saying is, she can definitely pull off this lighter hue. I’d believe that she would look good with just about any color of hair, because when it comes to her locks, well — she really has tried it all.

Going this blonde is a first for the style star, and I’m beyond excited to see how she’s going to make this look work for her. She’s got to make it her own and stand out from her sisters, who have debuted lighter hair, as well. So bring it on, Kylie. I’m ready for you, and I’ve even got some ideas of how you can celebrate your killer new hair.

Now that this Jenner sister is a blonde, she should do these seven things to really cement her place as a bombshell.

1. Have More Fun

You know what they say...

2. Out Do Her Sisters

She's got to show the rest of them how it's done, you know? Let the battle begin!

3. Wear Contacts And Look Like A Totally Different Person

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The girl already looks different with some colored contacts, but now that she's got her new hair color she'll look totally transformed.

4. Match Her Hair To Her Outfit

Oh wait, she's already a pro at that.

5. Start A New Trend

People tend to dye their hair darker for the fall and winter months. Not this girl. Maybe she'll make lighter hair in the fall a trend.

6. Go For A Softer Vibe

Don't get me wrong, Jenner does edgy very well. But I'd love to see her mix it up with some softer looks while she's working this hair color.

7. Claim The Title Of "Queen Supreme” When It Comes To Switching Up Style

Long, short, blue, gray, braided — she really has done it all. And she does it effortlessly. I'd say she's gone and stolen my heart again with this look.

Jenner is keeping her style game strong, as always.

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