Kylie Jenner Is Officially A Blonde, Kopying Khloe

Bye-bye to those glossy and black Cleopatra-meets-Bettie-Page bangs! Kylie Jenner has officially gone blonde and she is doing so for the fall season. Leave it to the youngest Kardashian sister to be a rulebreaker and go with a lighter shade for the upcoming cool weather season.

So many ladies go blonde for the sun-filled summer and then opt for darker hues when it gets chillier. Jenner's big sister Khloe Kardashian has been proving that blondes have more fun since she went lighter when the weather got warmer.

Kardashian continued to lighten her locks all summer long, to absolutely stunning results. Yes, I half-expect her to go back to her signature brown by October, even if I love her golden tresses.

Okay, but back to Jenner. She posted a photo with mega long, bright blonde locks. She noted that it took months of not using chemicals on her hair and wearing wigs, like her mermaid blue hue, so that she could get her strands into shape and go light.

Transitioning from dark to light hair is a process, literally. It involves lots of time and chemical processing. It can be murder on hair; just ask Lady Gaga, who documented one of her many blonde transformations on Instagram.

Jenner noted she is going "ashy dirty blonde" for fall and issued a warning for the fabulously flaxen Kardashian.

There she is! Jenner as a blonde. It still looks like her hair is supported with extensions in this pic, which is of course a mirror selfie, since that's her fave Insta pose. She will likely continue to lighten and lengthen.

Here I thought Jenner was gonna go with Granny gray, since she teased salt 'n' pepper strands on IG a few weeks ago.

This begs a question for all the Kardashianites and Jenner-bots! Are we about to have a blonde off between Kylie and Khloe? I am sensing that's on the horizon. Sibling strands rivalry, coming right up.

I am stoked that Jenner took inspo from Khloe, since she is often Kim K's mini-me and has also shown herself to be a lot like Kourtney.

Adios, Kylie's bangs! I hardly knew ye. Here is what she's up against as a blonde.

Kardashian was fierce with that high pony.

Kardashian has also been getting progressively lighter. She isn't afraid to go more golden.

The blonde locks made her smoky eyes pop even harder. As a blonde, she's got this. But she's gonna have Jenner nipping at her Louboutins.

Since Kardashian has pretty much kept to a bombshell motif while blonde and because Jenner is known for being edgy and youthfully fearless with her look, it's about to get real.

Kan Kylie keep up with a Kardashian? Who will emerge the victor in a blonde off? Tune in and find out.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (3)