Is Kylie Jenner's New Blonde Hair Real?

The members of the Kardashian clan are quite the style chameleons. The reigning queen of hair dye, Kylie Jenner, dyed her hair blonde, and many are questioning whether this is an actual permanent change for once. While she is certainly fair-weathered with many of her 'dos, all signs point to this change being legit.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner revealed her new color on Instagram Wednesday morning, and it's looking mighty different than the bangs she sported at the VMAs just this past weekend. Many have speculated that the bangs were just a wig, which seems likely. So, if she's gone from light blue hair to long platinum blonde hair, in the blink of an eye, why should I believe that this time it's the real deal?

There are several clues right there in the photo Jenner posted debuting the blonde. Firstly, her roots are showing, which is normally a sign of coloring — although she has visible roots when rocking fake locks before (remember her long blue hair?). The selfie she took (in a killer outfit, mind you), is at a salon, with the hair stylists who reportedly helped her make the transition tagged. Jenner's caption, however, is what really gives it away: "Took months of not dying my hair and wearing wigs to get my hair back to health so I can do this!! Thank you @priscillavalles @maishaoliver for putting up with me all day. I'm going for an ashy dirty blonde for the fall. But this shits a process! I'm coming for u khloé!"

Maybe that's why she's been so wig-happy these days, eh?

That being said, Priscilla Valles, one of the ladies she tagged in the post, is a hair extension specialist. Since Jenner is an extension guru herself, she often embraces the faux length. My takeaway? Jenner dyed her hair a nice golden blonde and added blonde extensions in for an extra kick. As she says — watch out Khloe, she's coming to steal your look!

Images: KylieJenner/Instagram (2)