The Duck Army Vine Memes Prove We Are Not Responsible Enough To Internet Anymore — VIDEOS

The Internet's fascination with certain things sometimes goes right over my head. Like, in the instance of this duck army Vine video, I think we've crossed the line. It's one of those things that gets worse every time you listen, but you have to keep listening. Like an Arctic Monkey's album. (JK, luv u guyz.) Anyway, the duck army Vine is the the trend du jour that we can't just watch once. Though, I learned the hard way that you can't just leave the Vine open on your computer because it will play OVER AND OVER AND OVER, causing you to have a mild panic attack if you, like me, are prone to spells of anxiety when you hear recurring, loud and displeasing noises.

Anyway, here's the synopsis of this Vine: There's an oversized cart in a toy store filled with rubber ducks that squeak when you press one. Someone comes up and pushes down on the sea of ducks in the cart, causing them all the emit the same high-pitched noise at the same time.

AAAAAND end scene.

Cue, my panic attack.

Cue, viral status.

Anyway, whether you're deep into this trend and are crafting viral duck memes as we speak, or want to be as far from this video as possible, it's only right that we all watch the Vine together, one more time. For life. And liberty.

Presenting, The Duck Army

Show of hands: Who think it's great, who thinks it's terrifying?

And Then, More On The Duck Army, From The Creator Himself:

A Response Vid.

The back story (beyond just the fact that a lot of squeaking ducks can make a lot of noise), is that the video was posted to YouTube initially so the creator, Kevin Synnes, could embarrass his girlfriend. That video now has 4.9 million views.

Here's The Original Video

kevin237 on YouTube

Poooor Kevin's girlfriend. (Though after creeping his Instagram, I can safely say that I think they are still going strong. Mazel.) Obviously, the parody possibilities abound.

This Parody Is The Confusing, But Legendary, "Duck Army In Reverse" Video

uǝsıɐʃoʞıᴎ sɐǝɹpu∀ on YouTube

Maybe it's not actually confusing, but once you've watched the original video 13 times, watching the reverse is pretty damn mind-boggling.

And Then There's I Knew You Were Duck Army (When You Walked In)

Grant Mielke on YouTube

Because where would our viral videos be without a little help from T. Swift?

Here's The Miraculous Vine Version For You Swifties

NoW I'm LyInG On tHe CoLd HarD gRouNd (LOLOL-ing, that is).

Also, Duck Army Gets Its "Le Freak" On

Trill Phill on YouTube

And it is the most Chic.

But, My Personal Favorite, And The Clear Winner, Is This On Point Adele Vine

Rollin' In The Deep...




Images: YouTube, Kevin Synnes/Instagram