When Serayah McNeill Met Taylor Swift, She Reacted Just Like Any Swiftie Would

Have you ever met someone famous and freaked out? If you have, I'm sure you don't want to admit it, because it can be a bit embarrassing, especially if you made a spectacle of yourself. But you aren't the only person who's been there. Heck, even celebrities get excited when meeting other celebs. For example, when Empire actress Serayah McNeill met Taylor Swift, let's just say she reacted pretty much like every Swiftie and die-hard T. Swift fan would.

While chatting with ASOS magazine, McNeill opened up about Swift inviting her to be a part of her "Bad Blood" music video and what it was like to meet her for the first time. She said,

I was driving, and my mum called me, saying, "So guess who just called me? Taylor Swift!" I was clicking the volume on the phone to make sure I’d heard properly. Mum was trying to explain and I kept cutting her off with questions! She said that Taylor had asked for my number so she could talk through everything about the video, I was like, "Don’t ask me! Just get her to text me now!"

See? She had a bit of a freak out. Really, can you blame her? It's Taylor Swift.

They went onto have a great conversation that not only made the actress' inner fangirl even more thrilled, but also proved something she already knew: Swift is truly kind and an inspiration. McNeill said,

When Taylor called, she said, "Thank you so much for saying you’ll do it" and I replied, "Come on! Anything! I’m there!" But it just shows that huge pop stars or actors or actresses can still have that humility, which is so inspiring. A lot of people, as they get bigger, they lose that, so it’s really cool to see someone leading by example. Especially for young girls.

That's for sure. Now that the 20-year-old is making a name for herself as Tiana on Empire and becoming an even bigger star, I have no doubt she, too, will become a great role model for women of all ages.