What Did Ariana Grande Do This Summer? Don't Think That She Laid Low After #DoughnutGate

Ariana Grande has just recovered from the major controversy of licking doughnuts that she didn't pay for and saying, "I hate America" while unaware she was on camera. But that does not mean that the pop star has been laying low following her apology for her antics earlier this summer. The 22-year-old has got places to go and people to see, after all. But since not much has been publicized lately, some fans and followers might be wondering what else Ariana Grande did this summer. She wasn't at the VMAs, you know, and an absence from an event as big as that is going to raise some questions.

Well, aside from bouncing back from #DoughnutGate, the "Break Free" performer has been on tour all over the world performing her smash hits. She has also had the chance to show her support at gay pride events and get in touch with her Italian heritage in a major way. And aside from tearing it up onstage, the pint-sized powerhouse has also taken some time to herself to learn some important lessons about women's rights and educate those following her in the process. But of course, she had a bit of fun thrown in there, too! Read on to find out about her whirlwind season.

Showing Her Pride

Ever a steadfast supporter of LGBTQ rights, Grande performed on the pier during Pride Week in New York. Her brother Frankie must have been very proud!

Singing For Her Countrymen & Countrywomen

She embraced her Italian roots while performing some of her hit songs and doing a short interview on the season finale of The Voice of Italy. Unsurprisingly, she won over more than a few hearts!

Debuting Her Dog As A Model

For those of you who don't know, Grande has an adorable pet pooch named Toulouse. And now, her fur baby has gone beyond Insta-fame to star in a Coach dog fashion shot, joining Lady Gaga and Miranda Kerr's dogs.

Honeymoon Tour

No, Grande did not get secretly married. But she did have a heck of a bestselling album, which I think is definitely worth taking a honeymoon. So Grande went on her Honeymoon tour this summer, which started in July. And the honeymoon's not over yet — the tour lasts until mid-October.

Finding Feminism

Regardless of when she began finding feminism, it is definitely worth reading some of her thoughts. Heck, she even quotes O.G. women's rights advocate Gloria Steinem.

Wearing A Lot Of Cat Ears

Anyone who is a Grande fan could have seen this one coming from a mile away. Some things never change.

It is good to see that that pop star has been keeping busy. Hopefully we will hear some more exciting news from her as the fall approaches!