Did Ariana Grande Reveal Her Album Release Date? She Got Cryptic About SOMETHING On Twitter

If you saw Ariana Grande's Twitter feed on Wednesday night, you learned that the girl loves emoji. And maybe, possibly, you also learned the release date of music from Ariana Grande's new album. In a string of cryptic tweets, the 22-year-old possibly teased an October release date for something from her upcoming full-length album Moonlight, which her fans, known as Arianators, have been not so patiently waiting for. She's been working on her new album for like, forever now (aka a year), so her words were not taken lightly by her fans.

In a string of mysterious tweets that had her fans a-freakin', Grande said that she was "so excited for the near future," and then clarified in a follow-up that by the "near future" she meant October. And followed that up with a deluge of angel and devil emoji. Grande is large, she contains multitudes.

The "Problem" singer continued and told her frenzied Arianators that she "wasn't teasing," even though she totally was and she knew it!

There was one more alleged tweet that Grande is said to have quickly deleted. But of course, her vigilant fans caught a screenshot. Check out the very strangely worded ghost tweet below.

It's so obvious it's almost painful! Little Ariana seems to be finding her witchy side, and an October release for an album called Moonlight is almost so good you have to do it. But do her tweets mean that the full album will drop? That's unlikely, since she still hasn't put out a single, so maybe the single is what she's teasing.

Grande recently tweeted that her first single, "Focus On Me," could be dropping soon, so there's a good chance that's the October surprise. Many fans have been tweeting back that all they want is a Halloween album. (Personally, I think every pop star should release a Halloween album.) And even though she tweets so sweetly that she doesn't mean to tease her fan, she clearly loves sending them into panics that cause replies filled with all caps questions and tons of panicked gifs.

Whatever she's got up her sleeve, it better be good, because she has had her fans on edge since she released her last album, My Everything, all the way back in 2014. Don't patronize their "lil tummies" Ariana, unless you are going to fill them!