How To Stream The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Finale Online Because You Need To Know Who Puts A Ring On It

They've stretched it out for twelve episodes, six weeks, and countless hours, but finally: Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is coming to an end. And you should take advantage of the wonderful technological advances in television and stream the two-part Bachelor in Paradise finale, which will air on Sunday, September 6 and Monday, September 7 at 9 PM. Those are prime TV-watching hours and, if you don't implement a streaming back-up plan, you may find yourself missing the final episodes because of a rogue everyone-wants-to-watch-something-different situation. Why on Earth would you put your BiP watching in someone else's hands? You don't want to watch, eagle-eyed, to see whether or not Tanner & Jade or Carly & Kirk stick it out? Or if Tenley and/or Samantha wind up with someone after being the golden girl and villain of the show, respectively? You do. Trust me. So, you're going to need some non cable-reliant methods to legally watch this one.

Some of these couples have been so psychologically fascinating that I couldn't justify not watching if I tried. Ashley I. drew in Jared, known as one of the "nicest" guys, like a spider into a web, seemingly with the intentions of dramatically losing her virginity on camera. Nick P. played out the other Ashley as soon as the villainous Samantha waltzed into the room, somehow evading the blame because the rest of the cast despises her. Carly, safe in her relationship, even conspired to get someone else to wrestle Sammi out. Crazy.

And, anyway, no one can deny that the prime place for watching Paradise is relaxing in your dark, dark room, far from the prying eyes of people who know how many unwatched episodes of Mr. Robot you have clogging up the DVR. It's not pretty, but it's true: once you start watching Bachelor in Paradise, you really cannot stop until you find out which couples wind up together.


If you have cable and just can't use it at the time of the finale, you can live stream ABC on your computer or phone after logging in with your cable info. So easy. Chris Bukowski is like "why not stream?" He may be retired, but he knows BiP.


The cable box-connected online streaming service is a good choice for streaming both ABC the network and the pleasant way to get around the commercials, because you can flip channels to another network during the many breaks in hour-long finale episodes.

Wait For Hulu

Hey, if you can live in a media blackout for a few extra hours, no one should stop you from putting your chance of hearing major spoilers on the line. Hulu doesn't have a live stream, but you can watch Bachelor in Paradise online the next morning. Because no one can spoil the joy of something like watching Clare's raccoon buddy making a random appearance.

Watch ABC On Apple TV

If you have Apple TV, but also have a cable subscription you can log into, you can stream ABC live and watch all of the Paradise juiciness. That way, if your roommates/significant other/family acts like Dan in the above gif whenever the topic of Bach comes up, you can enjoy in peace.

Xfinity Streaming

For those subscribed to Comcast, you can stream your cable live to your computer, just in case you threw a shoe through your TV at the revelation that Joe & Samantha had been texting one another before the show.

Xbox One

And, if you're a gaming type, you can set up your Xbox One so it can stream live TV, including ABC.

But why are you going through all of this trouble to tune in? What's the ultimate reason to watch the finale? In order to find out who gets engaged — duh. There are a bazillion more reasons to watch the Bachelor in Paradise finale, but that should be more than enough to get you to stream it if you don't access to your TV. If you hope to avoid spoilers and watch the twists and turns live, I suggest firing up one of these services and settling in for a tear-filled Labor Day weekend.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC