Tom Ford Is Designing James Bond's Wardrobe

by Tyler Atwood

The most thrilling of spy films always unite shrewd and witty plot lines with an innate sophistication, and none more so than James Bond. Much to the delight of Bond fans worldwide, the beloved agent will be even more dapper in the series' upcoming flick Spectre thanks to the wardrobe supervision of designer Tom Ford, who will dress James Bond for the new film. Ford announced his involvement in the film on Wednesday.

Renowned equally for his ability to cheat death and his urbane, sophisticated mien, the character of Bond is quite literally timeless — simply look at the six-plus decades of history for proof. A Bond-approved designer therefore needs to transcend time period and trends to create a wardrobe that, like its wearer, appears modern in any epoch. Enter Ford, whose creations for Casino Royale through Skyfall are the epitome of suave spy wear. Crisp cravats, well-tailored tuxedos, and loungewear that could easily rival any three-piece suit are all innate to Bond's character, and Ford's keen eye for aesthetics has thus far ensured the British agent is consistently well turned-out.

Now that Ford has been confirmed for Spectre, fans can rest easily knowing that their favorite roguish leading man is clothed in the very best. Read on for five reasons why Tom Ford's attire is the ideal fit for James Bond.

1. Tom Ford Is The Ultimate Vintage-Meets-Modern Label


With his discerning approach to design and fundamental understanding of the aesthetics of decades past, Ford is the perfect sartorial mate to Bond. Moreover, Ford's stint at Gucci has furnished the designer with a firm grasp on the timeless style of the '60s and '70s.

2. The Designer Himself Is A Bit Of A Rogue Agent

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't put Ford — or Bond, for that matter — in a box. The designer has worn many hats, and his aesthetic continues to evolve in the most daring of manners, much like James Bond himself. Whether it be a dash of glitter on an oversized jersey or a daringly cut gown, Ford loves to be an insurrectionist.

3. Tom Ford's Clothing Unites Elegance And Sex Appeal


Much has been made of Ford and his clothing's intrinsic sultriness, but what could be more fitting for Bond than wardrobe that is utilitarian, debonair, and just a bit seductive?

4. Tom Ford Knows His Way Around A Pair Of Sunnies

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What would James Bond be without a devastating pair of sunglasses? Ford will also contribute his handiwork to Bond's eyewear, resulting in a piercing gaze further enhanced by black, angular frames appropriately entitled Snowden.

5. Tailoring Is Key To Ford's Designs

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

An actor as telegenic as Daniel Craig should only be outfitted in the most expertly tailored attire, and the component happens to be one of Ford's specialties. After all, Bond's character deserves a wardrobe to illuminate his expertly honed physique.