Do Tenley & Joshua Still Talk? Their 'Bachelor In Paradise' Breakup Wasn't The End Of Their Friendship

Honestly, #TBT to when I thought love was real. OK, maybe I didn't think Bachelor in Paradise couple Tenley & Joshua were an OTP, end-all be-all couple, but I did want to live in the ignorant bliss of Paradise for a little bit longer and think Tenley had found the love of her life. Le sigh. Oh, well... another one bites the dust. This adorable couple might have broken up on the finale, but they both seem adult enough to not hold any grudges, which leads me to ask: are Tenley and Joshua still friends after Bachelor in Paradise ? My hope is yes — how could you not want to be friends with Tenley? — but there's only one true way to know if these two are still friends: a social media investigation.

We all know it to be true. It's not over until the "unfollow" button is pressed on Twitter or Instagram. Since Bachelor in Paradise has a pretty active social presence, I feel like their social media lists are pretty accurate depictions of who they actually want to see in their daily lives. I think we all know the type of people Tenley and Joshua are, and we can probably deduce if they'd remain friends after a break-up on Paradise, but you never know! There was a lot of sun in Paradise, but maybe some shade happened behind the scenes. Let's investigate.

Twitter Relationship: Strong

Both Joshua and Tenley follow each other on Twitter — good sign, right? Especially because Joshua is trying to keep that following count low (he follows just over 40 people at this time), you know that making Tenley one of them means something.

Instagram Relationship: Juries Out

I'm sure it's nothing — because again, these two don't seem like they'd play the social media shade game — but we hit a bit of a snafu looking at the Instagram relationship these two have. While it's all nice and shiny on the outside, a closer look reveals that Tenley follows Joshua, but Joshua doesn't follow Tenley. Now, that doesn't mean anything, since Josua keeps a low profile on Instagram. But I just want to put it out there in the universe.

Posts With Each Other: Strong

Both Tenley and Joshua have posted tweets and photos of each other saying how much they enjoyed each other's time on the show, which I think alludes to the fact that they definitely have a friendly relationship after the show.

Verdict: Friends

Although these two aren't together, they clearly are both mature enough to still remain friends — other Bachelor contestants should take a page out of Tenley and Joshua's book.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)