Are Tenley Molzahn & Joshua Still Dating? If Their 'Bachelor In Paradise' Date Was Any Indication, They're Perfect

I have a question for you: Are Joshua and Tenley like, the cutest couple on Bachelor In Paradise ? I’ll give you the answer: YES. This week, Bachelor favorite Chris Bukowksi (you may have seen him on shows such as this one, Bachelor Pad, The Bachelorette, etc. etc.) got drunk enough to make Scott Disick look like a priest and asked out Tenley. She gently (to her credit) turned him down, and Chris staggered away, defeated. Poor Chris, right? But then, Joshua decided to make Chris’ lemons into his lemonade and stole Chris’ date card to take Tenley out. Point, Joshua. And guess what? Tenley and Joshua's date was the cutest thing ever. [UPDATE: Tenley and Joshua have since broken up.]

These two lovebirds seriously went on my dream outing. They flew to Guadalajara and joined up with Mexican celebrity chef Francisco Ruano, who took them on a tour of the Alcalde marketplace. There, led by the skilled nose of Chef Francisco, Tenley (in a dreamy romper that I really need in my closet right now) and Joshua sampled all kinds of exotic (to them, at least) fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and everything else that the market had to offer. Being fed new things is my dream date, especially if I have an expert to guide me. Tenley and Joshua enjoyed it, too. Next, Joshua and Tenley were treated to tacos (on which Joshua nearly burned his face off on a pepper) and, later, a private dinner at Chef Francisco’s restaurant, Alcalde (named after the market).

There were some jokes about an aphrodisiac cheese (“arousing cheese," as Joshua called it), but all in all, this date was totally sweet. Joshua and Tenley are always touching in some way, whether it be her hand on his arm or his reach around the small of her back — I think that shows that they’re connected in a manner that no one on the show would have really guessed at first. Love works in mysterious ways, y'all. The fact that Joshua took some initiative and took Chris’ date card also shows how into each other Tenley and he are. Though Tenley said that she’s not sure of the future with Joshua, it sure seems like these two have it made. With only a handful of episodes left, we’ll see if this adorable twosome lasts until the end of Bachelor In Paradise. But, if I had to guess, I'd say they're good to go.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell