Are Joshua & Tenley Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? He's Trying His Best To Woo America's Sweetheart

Bachelor in Paradise has become the Wild West of reality TV, with random eliminations, random cast additions, and contestants with all sorts of plans about how to last until the final week. But, if there's one person who's totally succeeded on Bachelor in Paradise , it's Tenley Molzahn, who, in just a few episodes of the second season of the show, already has multiple guys battling to win her heart. And, after their wonderful date on a recent episode, she might have been lucky enough to find a real boyfriend while in ParadiseBut, are Josh and Tenley together and dating in real life? [UPDATE: Tenley and Joshua have since broken up.]

It's rare that there's a true love connection on a Bachelor show, but, even though the chances are slim, if anyone could have their Bachelor in Paradise journey turn into a fairytale, it would be Tenley. (She's a literal Disney princess, remember?) She was a wild success on the show from the first time she appeared, but, out of all the guys pursuing Tenley, I really think the welder from Idaho might have the best shot. It seems like Tenley has grown to really like him, and their relationship on the show is going really well. However, could they have possibly continued their relationship after leaving Bachelor in Paradise? They would have to keep it a secret in order to avoid spoilers, but no one can hide all the telltale signs of a new relationship.

She Fell In Love On A Reality Show Before

Tenley met her ex, Kiptyn Locke, on Bachelor Pad 3, and they dated for two years before splitting up. So, there's a precedent to her falling in love on television.

But, There Was Speculation That She's Dating Ben Higgins

All of those rumors from a little while ago about Ben H. from Kaitlyn's season of Bachelorette becoming the next Bachelor was paired with some rumors that he was also dating Tenley. Bachelor alums are always friendly and wind up being photographed together, but sounds like there's a chance this really was more than friends... which would, of course, suggest that Tenley and Josh eventually split.

Their Onscreen Relationship Is Separated From The Drama

Tenley and Joshua have been a little bit absent from the rest of the drama in the past few BiP installments, and they've been spending the time either relaxing with mimosas or discussing some heavy stuff, like Joshua's strange monologue about drug use. Anyway, the same thing started to happen to successful couple Marcus and Lacy around this time of the season. The better the relationship, the less dramatic screen time it warrants.

They Met Up At The Men Tell All

At the after-party for the The Bachelorette: Men Tell All, Josh and Tenley took a quick photo. It doesn't look like they're super crazy into one another or anything, but Josh called her "America's Sweetheart," and something tells me he might not be so generous with his caption if they had a terrible breakup. So, maybe they're still together.

Tenley Ran Solo On Date Night

Again, it's not a huge clue, but everything about her caption does read "single." Hanging out with her friends and joking about being a third wheel rather than live-tweeting BiP? Seems like she may not be in a relationship after all.

And, Of Course, There Are The Spoilers

Look away if you don't want any possible spoilers, because Reality Steve, famed Bachelor blogger who gets name dropped in pretty much any speculative BiP post, has some scoop on Tenley and Josh's relationship. Ready to receive spoilers? OK, here it is: Supposedly they last until the end of the show, but split up in the finale. So the chemistry of their relationship is true, and Josh will be the winner of Tenley's love triangle, but ultimately she'll leave the show single. And, while it would be sad if she didn't find love in Paradise. At least she would free to be the next Bachelorette!

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