Which 'Big Brother' Houseguests Made It Through An Entire Season Without Being Nominated For Eviction?

Getting through a season of Big Brother relatively unscathed is a big enough feat on its own — but, the fact that there have been players in the history of the house who have made it through without being nominated for eviction is remarkable to me. How is that even possible? What does it take to make it through an entire summer in the Big Brother house without ever being nominated at least once?

I’m just going to preface this entire article with a technicality in the Big Brother game: whether or not a houseguest has ever been nominated is a thing that is up for some debate. The answer to the question “Which houseguests have never been nominated?” depends largely on what you count as being nominated. Because there have been a few players who have made it through their entire season without being officially nominated by another player, only to be nominated by default in the final week. So, let’s just work under the assumption that, when I say a player has never been nominated, I mean that they have never been nominated by an HoH in the Big Brother house.

This in mind, there have been four houseguests in all of Big Brother history who have not been nominated for eviction by another player. (Note: I’m including Big Brother Canada here to make the numbers more impressive. Because that’s how infrequently this whole not being nominated thing happens. Like, if I didn’t include the Canada houseguests, the list would be cut nearly in half.)

But, before you start thinking that this is such an unusual feat, know that if you are watching Seasong 17 of Big Brother, then you already know one of the players who has never been nominated for eviction. That’s right: Austin has never been nominated for eviction by another houseguest. Yet, of course — he still has a few weeks to go before he can officially go down in history with the few other houseguests who have made it through without being evicted.

So who are the other contestants who have accomplished such an immense show of gamesmanship? Danielle Reyes from Season 3, Jillian MacLaughlin from Season 1 of Big Brother Canada, and Derrick Levasseur from Season 16.

Only time will tell if Austin is able to make it into these hallowed ranks. But, if he does, he will go down in Big Brother history — after all, the houseguests who have never been nominated for eviction are considered some of the best players of the game the house has ever seen.

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Image: CBS (2)