100 Years Of Lingerie Video Features Models Of All Body Types In Awesome, Body Positive Support Of Confidence

Mode's 100 Years series has basically become an internet staple at this point. The series has covered everything from 100 years of fashion to the evolution of the male bathing suit. Now, Mode is bringing audiences 100 Years Of Lingerie, but this particular video has got to be my favorite for the incredible body positive stance they decided to take. While the video does feature the titled 100 year evolution, viewers are surprised with four models of different sizes and shapes rocking varying styles of lingerie. At the end of the video, audiences see a title screen of "Confidence is always sexy," and isn't that the truth?

Before I can get to the body positive 2015 version of lingerie from the video, it's time to recap the way looks have changed over time. The video begins with model Arianny Celeste rocking 1915 style lingerie which is exactly what you'd expect it to be. It's essentially a pair of white cotton overalls. The fully covered undergarments are a long cry from the lingerie of today and serve as a basis for viewers to see how much things are able to be switched up. The montage moves on to showcase the vastly different looks of the 1920s — which feature total Ms. Hannigan realness — to the wild and crazy looks of the '80s, complete with big hair, ankle socks, and heels. While all the looks are different, one theme becomes clear: Lingerie has become increasingly more revealing, but that's probably not a huge revelation.

Does this not look like Ms. Hannigan from Annie?

I love the Mode series, but I must say, this one is my favorite. After Celeste emerges in the skimpy, silky lingerie look of 2015, she slowly turns, kicks away the partition and reveals three other stunning models rocking seriously cool lingerie. Danielle Orner, an actor and yoga instructor, can be seen rocking a sexy romper with her prosthetic leg on confident, full display.

Next, the video focuses on plus-size model Germaine Nichols. She's sporting a seriously sexy lacy babydoll top and panties. While I love the lingerie, her confidence is what makes the image so great — yes, I know that's cheesy, but it's totally true.

Finally, we see model Rain Dove's look. Dove's ensemble, while clearly lingerie, emphasizes her more androgynous, non-binary style which makes her choice of lingerie authentic.

Each of these ladies showcase that confidence, not body type or shape is the key element in rocking whatever style of lingerie you choose. I've got to hand it to Mode — being size and body inclusive in this video was seriously inspiring. Lingerie is designed to make the wearer feel sexy, and everyone deserves that.

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Images: YouTube