Will Meg Maley's Knee Stop Her 'Big Brother 17' Dreams Before She Can WIn The Game? It's Only Part Of The Equation

Oh, Meg Maley. You try so hard — so hard — on Big Brother, but it's never quite good enough. Yet, you find yourself on the chopping block this week, because why? Because Vanessa sees you as a "threat" in the game. Meg, I love you and all but... you're not a threat on Big Brother. The biggest reason? Meg is not a competition beast, nor a strategic game player. Regarding the competitions, Meg allegedly had a knee problems before Big Brother — so is that going to keep her from winning the game? In short, probably not, it's her lack of strategy that will really come back and hurt her.

If Meg survives this week — which at this point, is a huge "if" — she'll be one step closer to winning the grand prize. Through a little back research, it was discovered that Meg's knee issues possibly stem from arthritis and a knee surgery she had prior to going inside the Big Brother house. And, while that could be an excuse for why Meg hasn't been performing well in any of the physical competitions, it doesn't really defend why she performed poorly in all of the other competitions.

Meg's lack of skill in competitions really just stems from the fact that she's not that great of a competitor. I'm not throwing shade, since I'm sure it's hard to win those comps — and she's not the only one who hasn't won anything — but her knee is not the reason why she isn't winning. Further more, when it really comes down to it, winning competitions is just half of winning Big Brother. Maybe not even half, because you don't need to win any competitions until the final night, really.

If Meg had strategy, if she came up with plans of evicting houseguests, then I'd say Meg could win the game. But, she doesn't do that. Instead, she has held on tight to her alliance members' coattails (looking at you, James) and has just gone along for the ride. Nothing wrong with that, but that doesn't deserve to be awarded the grand prize of Big Brother.

So, no, Meg's knee is not going to keep her from winning Big Brother... however, everything else about Meg will.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS