Kylie's Blonde Hair Is The Star Of This Insta Vid

No one can accuse the youngest of the Kardashian clan of not loving her dogs. But she took that love to another level today on Instagram. Kylie Jenner made a music video for her dogs, Norman and Bambi, and it's super cute and heartwarming. But the best part about the video was clearly Kylie's freshly dyed blonde hair.

Kylie got her first dog, an Italian Greyhound named Norman, for Christmas, and she added a second pup, Bambi, not too much later. The dogs clearly live a more luxurious life than I ever will, and comparing their Instagram with a normal dog's day will make you laugh out loud.

The music video, if you can call it that, is super short and features a woman's voice singing "I love you guys," over and over again. The video features selfies of Kylie and adorable videos of her two puppies, who clearly love their owner. (She lets them lick her face, which I'm also totally guilty of with my corgi).

However, the highlight of Kylie's video is definitely an up-close view of her new blonde hair. Kylie posted an Instagram of her new 'do on Tuesday, and wrote that it's taken her months to get her hair healthy enough to go blonde. Her look was perfect in the photo, but it is even cuter in the Instagram video she posted. (Mostly because of the dogs).

Kylie says she's "obsessed" with her dogs, and this video is further proof. And just look how excited she was when she finally got the puppy she'd always wanted last Christmas.

Although I'll have to wait to see more pictures of Kylie's new blonde hair, her dogs' Instagram has enough cute pictures to tide me over.