Who Is Roy Wood Jr.? 'The Daily Show' Correspondent Has A Unique Brand Of Comedy

In case you haven't heard, or in case you somehow don't spend all your time fervently scouring the Internet for updates on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah like I do, then let me have the honors of letting you know this great news. The Daily Show has added three new correspondents, Ronny Chieng, Desi Lydic & Roy Wood Jr., and I couldn't be more excited about it. (Diversity, you guys, diversity!) All of these names have been around for a while for one reason or other, but The Daily Show has the potential to bring them even further into the public eye, and give them a chance to practice an entirely different style of comedy. But, just in case some of these names are unfamiliar to people, who is Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr.? He's been in the comedy game for a long time.

Not only has he done comedy, but Wood Jr. is also an actor and a radio personality. His official website states, "the thought-provoking comedy of Roy Wood Jr. crosses cultural lines and has entertained millions nationwide by stage, radio and television," and he has been performing since the age of 19. Now, at 36 years old, Wood Jr. is about to be one of the people presenting us with all the "fake" news worthy of interest, so it's about time we learn a lot more about him.

1. He's Been On Conan (& Loves Captain America)

Team Coco on YouTube

In fact, not only has he been on Conan more than once, but he's also been on Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Chelsea Lately. So The Daily Show's time slot is going to be no biggie for him. Heck, we should have seen this coming.

2. He's Really Into Prank Calls

MrCj822 on YouTube

It's one of the biggest things that he's known for as a comedian. They're a staple of many of the radio shows that he has participated in over the years.

3. He Understands The Importance Of Finger Foods


4. He's Put Out CDs... But Not Of Music

Remember what I said about the prank calls? My Momma Made Me Wear This was one of the collections of prank calls on CD that Wood Jr. put out, and he also has a stand-up CD out called Things I Think, I Think.

5. He Has A Deep Knowledge & Respect For Pizza

PREACH, again.

6. He's Deeply Philosophical

I think this might just be the visual representation of all of us on laundry day. In any case, I'm glad someone finally said it.

7. He Loves His Mother

Though, apparently, not enough to actually answer her phone calls.

8. No, Seriously, He Does

And yet enough to go and see her in Alabama and then do some yard work? Actually, I can't even complain here. I, too, love my mom enough to do manual labor but never actually answer the phone when she calls.

9. He Could Be Our Next Bond

He's no Idris Elba, but he doesn't want this Daily Show gig to take him out of the running for the part or anything. If all of this proves anything, it's that Wood Jr. has a comedic vision that has been developed and strengthened over the years, so seeing how he customizes that for The Daily Show will be incredibly interesting.

Image: Roy Wood Jr.