'A Broad Abroad' Star Paula Froelich Explores Abita Mystery House In Louisiana, And It Might Just Be The Weirdest Museum In America — VIDEO

Everybody knows that the best part of going on a road trip — aside from the bounty of car snacks you have on hand for the ride, of course — is stopping at weird, wacky, and wonderful roadside attractions. In her latest video for Yahoo! Travel, 'A Broad Abroad' star Paula Froelich makes a quick pitstop at the Abita Mystery House in Abita Springs, Louisiana on her way from New Orleans to Biloxi, and just one quick glimpse inside this carnivalesque museum of wonders has me itching to take a trip down south. Seriously, this place is so cool.

As implied by its name, the Abita Mystery House is home to what is arguably the world's quirkiest collection of oddities. Opened 15 years ago by folk artist John Preble, the "house" is actually a series of buildings that pays homage to Americana's beautifully bizarre history. Included among its many treasures are a "bassigator" (a nightmarish creature that is, as you might guess, half bass, half gator), terrifying merpeople artifacts from the original Coney Island John Strong sideshow, coin-operated fortune tellers who dispense strange bits of wisdom at the touch of a button, and a 32-foot alligator that is literally an alligator with 32 feet (the creepy creativity of taxidermists seriously knows no bounds). The crazy compound is also home to a hot sauce house that allegedly carries every single type of hot sauce in the world. As Froelich puts it, "I'm in heaven — I feel like I've found my spiritual home."

Personally, I think this sounds way cooler than merely stopping by the world's largest ball of twine for a quick pic. I'm always a sucker for these types of spectacles, and while I'm pretty sure my dreams are going to be haunted by bassigators for a few nights to come, it's fun to see all the deliciously shuddersome riches Preble has acquired through the years. Words truly don't do them justice — you've got to check out Froelich's video below.

Now, tell me — who's ready to hit the road?

Images: Caitee Smith/Flickr