Watch Couples Try To Identify Their Partners Based On Touch Alone — VIDEO

It's interesting to see how instinctively people do or do not recognize one another without sight, as evidenced in this video where couples try to identify each other using only touch. BuzzFeed got two guys to guess who their significant other was based on touch alone, and the results are mixed. While one man was able to identify his boyfriend only by holding hands, the man who tried to identify his girlfriend was not so lucky. Hopefully they don't need to talk when they get home tonight, if you know what I mean!

I honestly don't know if I'd be able to tell my boyfriend just by holding his hand, without being able to see him. I'd like to think that yes I would be able to, because I know exactly how my hand feels in his, but then, maybe I don't. I suppose I would know it was him though because my boyfriend is the kind of person that would do something cute and annoying like tickle the inside of my palm with his middle finger, giving himself away. So basically what I'm saying is, my boyfriend and I can't play this game. Here's how the two couples went:

Matt and Patrick

1. The First Hand Was Too Small

2. The Second Was Too Big

3. The Third Was Just Right!

Watch the adorable video below:

BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube

Tyler and Safiya

Were not so lucky...

1. Straight Off The Bat, He Gets It Wrong

2. Yeah, They Will Definitely Be Discussing This When They Get Home

3. Oh Jeez, Tyler

Watch the disaster unfold below:

BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube

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