Will Candice Accola's Pregnancy Affect 'The Vampire Diaries'? Don't Expect A Steroline Baby Yet

We've always known that The Vampire Diaries Season 7 would look a whole lot different from its previous seasons. The most obvious change is Nina Dobrev exiting the show, causing a distinct lack of Elena Gilbert aka the figure the series revolved around from the very beginning. With Elena in a perma-sleep, Tyler leaving town to find himself, and Jo, well, Jo not being with us anymore (sob) there has been plenty of speculation about what what's going to happen next in Mystic Falls, and who will be around to battle the Heretics. Thankfully, we still have the one and only Caroline Forbes, who will be back and better than ever next season, having slowly moved through the grieving process. The actress has had some big news of her own, that may just change the way TVD looks this season.

It has only been a few days since Candice Accola announced her pregnancy on Instagram, and fan theories have already been pouring in: she's pregnant with Stefan's baby, she takes the cure and has a human child, Klaus returns and somehow has another magic vampire baby with her, and they live happily ever after (OK, that last one was mine). While we still don't know much about what Season 7 will bring (aside from a very grim future Mystic Falls), Accola spoke to TV Line about how her pregnancy would impact The Vampire Diaries.

1. Her Role Isn't Changing

First off, everyone exhale — we are not going to have to live in a world without Elena or Caroline. Accola confirms that her shooting schedule won't be all that different from years past. Which is so crucial because we need her now more than ever.

Caroline’s not always in every episode anyway, so that helps a little bit, but Caroline has, so far, been a really big part of the season.

2. Caroline The Badass Is Returning

Last year was tough on everyone, but no one had it worse than Caroline, who lost her mother to cancer. Well, except for Alaric, there at the very end. He wins all of the sadness awards. But, now, Caroline is returning in fine form, and thank goodness. I don't think I could handle an entire season of mourning.

We’re going to see Caroline get her bite back. We’ll see her coming in as a badass, and sometimes she might act without thinking things totally through.

3. The Heretics Are Still Around

Though mum on the details, Accola did share that her impetuous stance would definitely apply to the Heretics, who are sticking around to terrorize the town, and whom Caroline “doesn’t like or trust very much.” That just sounds like good sense to me.

4. There May Or May Not Be A Baby

Let's get to some real talk. Will they be borrowing baby clothes and cribs from The Originals, or will Accola suddenly be carrying around some huge bags? Apparently, even she doesn't have a clue yet.

Production has known about our exciting news and there’s been a lot of support ... They already knew where this season was going, and it’s kind of the same as every other year. Julie [Plec] and Caroline [Dries] are the best people to ask about [whether or not her pregnancy will be written into the show.] To be honest, I’m along for the ride just like the viewers are.

5. It's All Up In The Air

It sounds like the plot is just as under wraps as their plan for the baby bump, but that's actually pretty standard for The Vampire Diaries. Besides, no matter where we start this season, you know that, by the time we get halfway through, something completely different (and completely bananas) will be happening. As Accola puts it:

Every single season, we think we know the way it’s going to go, but it always changes by the end. It could really go anywhere ... We start the beginning of the season asking the writers a lot of questions about what’s going to happen. then halfway through the season, it’s completely different.

6. The Diary Endures

As much as things change, some things will stay the same, including the titular diary. Before Elena left, she made her friends promise to write everything down for her, and it sounds like that will continue until the end of the show, even if Elena wasn't exactly active about keeping up her diary herself. As Accola tells TV Line:

It is The Vampire Diaries, so the diaries will live on. The flash-forwards and the diary moments are a really beautiful addition to the season.

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