Emily Ratajkowski & Lana Del Rey Are #HairGoals

Fall will "officially" be here in 18 days, but who's counting, right? I'm beyond ready for leather jackets, hoodies, scarves, boots, warm-toned makeup, and whole bunch of new hairstyles. Two new mag cover subjects demonstrate different but equally gorgeous #HairGoals for Fall 2015. Actress Emily Ratajkowski's InStyle UK cover sparkles, thanks to her silver sequined top and disheveled, half-up and half-down 'do. Meanwhile, chanteuse Lana Del Rey's V cover is all about volume at the roots, Priscilla Presley-style.

Each of these covers were conceived and published for vastly different regions and audiences, albeit with some decent crossover appeal. But they are all about the hair, even though there is a variety of beauty looks you will be itching to copy this fall.

Ratajkowski's hair is totally second day, since it's messy, textured, and looks like she threw it into this style without giving it a second thought, much less a third. Her coif is half-up, half-down, and totally piecey, with a few random strands falling in her face. It's as though she got a blowout, slept in it, woke up, fastened it at her neck, and dealt with a fall wind storm to get this look.

Still, it's absolutely fabulous since it's presented as though not a lot of styling time, effort or products went into it.

I don't know about you, but I find those loose strands to be so romantic. Ratajkowski could shave her head and still be flawless. But you can easily copy this look. I've done something similar by ditching heat tools, instead washing my hair, spritzing it with a sea salt spray, letting it air dry, and raking my hands through it. Boom. Done.

Okay, so LDR's hair is big. It's actually super-sized. It's blown back, with crown volume. It's so reminiscent of the '60s and Presley's famous pompadour. The whole cover look is about high drama, with her theatrical, double row liner and the fact that her lip liner is darker than her lipstick shade, which is usually a no-no.

Yes, it's magazine editorial and you can't pull this off every day or at the office. But for a formal event or perhaps a night out? Why not try it? I'd be so game for pushed back volume such as this, although I'd go to a stylist to achieve this type of height. You need thickeners, volumizers, and two people managing four blowdryers to get this coif.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All in all, though, I think, thick, high, and blown out hair is so right for fall. Maybe something a little more similar to this LDR 'do? It's in the same spirit, but likely easier to achieve!

At the very least, the Ratajkowski and Del Rey covers are major sources of inspo for fall hair. Messy and windblown and blownout and structured? I'm down.

Images: InStyle (1); V (1)