7 +Size Brands To Satisfy Your Kitschiest Dreams

The world of plus size fashion is seemingly evolving with each day that goes by, meaning we are no longer condemned to sad sack styles. What's more, though, is that alternative plus size fashion is finally available enough that fuller-figured goths, hipsters, and tacky queens who John Waters would be proud of finally have some kind of outlet for sartorial expression.

Tackily kitsch garments and those who wear them often get a bad reputation, but I personally love all things garish and quirky. "Have faith in your own bad taste," as John Waters would say. Before brands began catering to the kitschy needs of fat women, John Waters' films were basically my only outlet for OTT plus size babes like Edith Massey, Divine, and Ricki Lake. His stories and imagery celebrated fat bodies (remember the Hefty Hideaway anyone?), and I have no doubt they're part of the reason I'm so obsessed with too-tight leopard print, red lipstick, and a wild blonde hair aesthetic.

Although the plus industry is steadily improving, plus size clothes shopping can arguably still get hard at times, even if you have the most normcore style ever. Logically, it's even harder to find John Waters-esque stores that cater to your trashy tastes and also go up to your size. If you ask me, though, they're worth seeking out. The trashily kitsch look is timeless (because no era has claimed it yet), so buying some trash-tastic pieces will ensure you've covered for a lifetime. Here are my seven favorite tackily chic destinations.

1. Tunnel Vision

'90s Tropical Swimsuit, $42,

Tunnel Vision calls its plus size section "hottie with a body," which if you ask me is what all plus size sections should be called. The brand even has a dedicated plus size team (including my longtime idol Isabel Hendrix) that finds the best original and vintage pieces for fuller-figured babes. The styles are bold, totally kitschy, and perfect for all the fat unicorn fairies of the world.

2. Chubby Cartwheels

Mermaid Leggings, $49,

Chubby Cartwheels may be known for its plus size velvet pieces, but some of its other items are pure over-the-top-ness and I love it. Sometimes, letting your kitsch shine is all about the styling. You could easily pair a lot of these clothes into a garish masterpiece. How about combining these mermaid leggings with a rainbow floral top?

3. ASOS Curve

Patch Faux Fur Coat, $171,

I know this one seems like a bit of a curveball (get it?), but with ASOS' wide range of plus size clothing, it's pretty easy to find something Divine would wear amongst it all. I mean, a multi-shade, multi-texture pink fur coat is a pretty good starting point.

4. Isolated Heroes

Blue Ombre Sequin Coat, $397,

This sequin-obsessed Scottish brand is everything I've ever wanted from a store. Its handmade garments start at a U.S. size 2 and go up to a 20. Whether neon furs, rainbow sequins, or see-through handbags are your thing, Isolated Heroes will have you covered.

5. Candy Strike

"Do The Bug" Skater Dress, $68,

Candy Strike produces brilliant prints for its straight and plus size two pieces and skater dresses. This particular dress is inspired by Tracy Turnblad's own roach print piece at the end of Hairspray (the original). It's totally bizarre and kitsch and wonderful.

6. Domino Dollhouse

Bitterness Barbie Skirt, $50,

Domino Dollhouse's collection is extremely varied in tastes and styles, making it easy enough to find something for everyone. How great is this underwear as outerwear look paired with the aptly named "Bitterness Barbie" skirt? Act fast, though, as DD will be going on "indefinite hiatus" come November.

7. Nicky Rockets

Killer Curves Slashed T-Shirt, $23,

Nicky Rockets sells T-shirts with body positive slogans and kitschy designs on them. They're perfect for pairing with something outlandish for a terrifically tacky look.

Now you're all set to smear some lipstick on your teeth and go out drinking for far too long. There's no reason being fat should exclude you from tasteful tasteless clothing.

Images: Courtesy Brands