Have Jade & Tanner Met Each Other's Families Since 'Bachelor In Paradise'? The Clues Don't Lie

You guys, I think it's official: Jade and Tanner from Bachelor In Paradise are one of the most adorable pairings to ever grace reality television's hallowed halls. Spawning a celebrity mashup name when you are technically not actual celebrities is no easy task for even the biggest reality stars, yet somehow these two have done it despite their relatively small amounts of actual screen time. "Janner" did Bachelor In Paradise right from the very first episode. They immediately saw their connection and didn't bother looking for anything else. That's right, you lock that connection down, friends. They smartly stay out of the on-screen drama and just quietly fill background shots with their adorable heart eyes. Evidence is piling up that these two will go the distance, but have Jade and Tanner met each other's families?

While the teaser for the finale seems to try and lead us to believe that suddenly these two rock solid love gods have seemingly gone kaput, I just don't believe it for a second. Unless I walk outside and see pigs flying and unicorns chasing my neighbors, I am going to stay blissfully on #TeamJanner. Their social media presence has certainly spoken volumes about where their relationship stands and it's all looking like wedding bells are in their future. I can only speculate, but with so much progress, it seems likely that the families have met their prospective son and daughter in-law by now.

If they are still an item (they totally are), then I think we can assume that if they haven't met each other's families just yet, they're planning a very important dinner for the near future. So, let's look at the evidence that their love is still burning strong, shall we?

Jade Sort Of Completely Let Cat Out Of The Bag

Recently Jade uploaded a video to Periscope that unintentionally revealed that she was in Kansas City. This would normally not be big news if Tanner didn't currently reside in Kansas City! Boom. But girl, don't stress too much. We have all failed to remember that location settings are a thing now and left them on at an inopportune time. Technology is the worst.

Jade's Instagram Implies She Was In KC Again Recently

So the Bachelor In Paradise crew were recently in Nashville to watch this week's episode together with fans. This didn't strike me as odd, until...

...three days later this picture was posted. That sure doesn't look like California and who took that (stunning) photo of Jade? Not to mention, Kansas City is only a one hour and 35 minute plane ride from Nashville. Not that I checked this out or anything...

Jade Still Has Heart Eyes Over Their Adorable Show Moments

A couple of weeks ago Jade openly swooned over Tanner's adorable kiss on her shoulder.

She then tweeted about it again a few days later.

I don't know about you, but if someone broke my heart out of the blue and left me in the lurch after a beautiful romance for weeks, I would not be happily nostalgia-tweeting about moments when he was sweet.

Tanner Still Posts Very Lovey-Dovey Pictures

I mean, seriously? There's no way they are broken up. All I see in that tweet is Tanner saying, "I am meeting her family, guys".

During This Week's Episode, Jade Laid Down The Law

HER MAN. She is still referring to him as her man. You only lay that kind of truth bomb down when you are solidly in a relationship.

I rest my case.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy