How 'Big Brother' May Have Helped Liztin

Back when Shelli and Clay were still on Big Brother 17 and Liz could barely stand Austin, Austin once referred to Clelli as the Jeff and Jordan of the season, while he and Liz were more like Brendon and Rachel. It seems that a more appropriate showmance to reference now is Amanda and McCrae, the couple whose biggest claim to fame is all the sex they had while in the house. Just a couple of weeks ago, Austin grossed many fans out with some vulgar comments after fingering Liz, and now some viewers believe they've made it all the way to home base. It all happened so fast, everyone is just hoping that if Austin and Liz did have sex on Big Brother, they practiced safe sex by using a condom. But this brings up an important question: Does Big Brother provide condoms for the houseguests? Yep, it most certainly does!

As I already mentioned, if Austin and Liz did have sex, they're certainly not the first houseguests to do so. Showmances have existed on Big Brother since way back in Season 2, and the first couple to have sex in the house was Amanda and David in Season 4. Several couples have hooked up since then, but Amanda (a different Amanda) and McCrae in Season 15 were probably the most overt about it. How do we know this? Because they had a habit of leaving their used condoms laying around.

Now, the evidence of condoms in the house doesn't necessarily mean Big Brother makes them available, but we have evidence this very season that they do. The houseguests have brought it up a few times over the live feeds, including when Jeff went into the storage room to get a box of condoms to use as balloons for their BB Prom Night.

So if Austin and Liz did have sex and use a condom, it wouldn't be the first time one has been used this season. I don't think Jeff ever succeeded in decorating the house with condom balloons, but James did use one on Meg when he pranked her a few weeks back. No, they didn't have sex, but he did put a condom on a zucchini and then leave it in her pillow. It was equal parts brilliant and disgusting, and made possible by a supply of condoms in the Big Brother house.

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Image: CBS