Which 'BB' Couples Got It On in the House?

by Laura Rosenfeld

It seems like on this season of Big Brother there are way more showmances forming at varying degrees of intensity than on previous seasons of the CBS reality show. We've got Frankie and Zach, Nicole and Hayden, Amber and Caleb, Nicole and Cody, Cody and Frankie, and Brittany and the dearly-departed Devin. Even Donny got a peck on the cheek from Amber after they worked together to win last week's Battle of the Block competition. It's cute and all to see these houseguests cuddle and flirt, but I think the real question on everyone's mind is, "Who's going to be the first showmance to have sex?"

The U.K. has been in a tizzy over the current season of Big Brother across the pond because houseguests Steven and Kimberly were caught having sex. So when are their American counterparts going to get (ahem) on the stick? Hayden and Nicole is the showmance that actually seems like it's going somewhere romantically, but they seem too innocent to actually do anything raunchy while in the house. And everyone is hoping that Zach takes things to the next level with Frankie, even though the two say they're just friends.

You're probably thinking, "Who would have sex on a reality show where millions of Americans will be watching you?" Well it does sound pretty out there, but Big Brother contestants aren't exactly known for their modesty. In fact, there have actually been many instances of hanky panky taking place in the Big Brother house. When you're isolated from the world for months, everyone starts looking pretty good, right?

Before you check out some of the most memorable Big Brother contestants to do the nasty, though, check out Bustle's Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room, which delves into all the nastiness going on inside the house. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page.

Now, onto the couples:

David & Amanda, Season 4

This is widely known as the first time sex ever happened in the Big Brother house. When Amanda was nominated for eviction, HoH Nathan gave her and David the key to the HoH room to get some alone time. The two got friendly between the sheets, ending with David saying, "Grandma's gonna love this." I'm guessing she didn't.

Ryan & Jen, Season 9

During Season 9, the houseguests were particularly horny, probably because CBS wanted the contestants to be extra-enthusiastic about the matchmaker-themed season. Ryan and Jen were a real couple before the show, which was clear because they couldn't keep their hands off each other. They apparently hooked up on the toilet, and there was probably some handjob action going on in the above video with a "suspicious pillow motion." Better watch where you sit, houseguests.

Natalie & Matt, Season 9

As Caleb is to Amber this season, Natalie was to Matt in Season 9 as she fawned over her match who did not return her affection. Natalie and Matt actually did hook up in the house, but he told her that she interpreted the gesture incorrectly. Ouch.

April & Ollie, Season 10

It seemed like April and Ollie didn't even try to keep their sex-capades a secret during Big Brother 10. Ollie was the son of a minister who had just lost his virginity, so perhaps he was just really eager to keep trying out this sex thing.

Lydia & Jessie, Season 11

Everyone's favorite muscle man Jessie had a thing for Lydia on Big Brother 11, and the two had some fun times in the HoH room. However, he was also friendly with Natalie, and he pitted the women against each other. Luckily, he went home before Lydia or Natalie did, and they decided to work together toward the end of the season.

Will the houseguests on Big Brother 16 follow in the footsteps of these, um... passionate past contestants? I'm going to have to quote Julie Chen on this one and say maybe we should "expect the unexpected."

Image: CBS