'BB17' Fans Are Confused About Liztin

I am all for romance, but I've never been a fan of seeing an excess of PDA from anyone, and that includes contestants on my favorite reality shows. A perfect example of this is the showmance between Liz and Austin on Big Brother 17, which has taken an unexpected turn. By now, most fans are familiar with their first major hookup, aka "fingergate," thanks to the live feeds, and while I understand that they are two consenting adults with the right to do whatever they want, I could've lived without seeing the GIFs. It also makes me wonder if Liz and Austin have actually had sex in the Big Brother house, as some fans have been speculating recently. While I'm pretty sure I would have heard about any occurrences from feedsters, there is a chance that Austin and Liz managed to evade the cameras.

Thankfully, I have not personally witnessed Liztin having sex on the live feeds, nor is there any official confirmation from anyone affiliated with Big Brother of it happening. However, there has been an influx of Liztin reaction tweets online, with many fans claiming that the two have gone all the way in the Big Brother house, and some claiming to have seen it themselves. Basically, the fandom is divided, and the only thing viewers have in common right now is confusion. Here's how everyone is reacting to the rumors.

Looking For A Confirmation (While In Denial)

No one knows what to think.

Living In Denial

There really is no better way to avoid the rumors.

What Could Have Been

The BB17 finale is only a few weeks away, and Liztin could go to jury even sooner. If something happened there, none of us viewers would have ever known.

Searching For The Truth

Though we may not necessarily want to hear any intimate details, some BB fans still cannot look away from our timelines.

Hoping It's Not True

Please, someone, anyone, provide some confirmation.

Feeling Disturbed

That's how I'd describe my reaction if this is true.

Making Jokes

Maybe referencing Hocus Pocus will ease the pain.

Watching The Alleged Video Footage

I am still praying that this didn't happen and that this Big Brother fan is somehow mistaken in her tweet.

Honestly, I hope we never know.

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Image: CBS